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Cloud computing, Big Data analysis to drive demand for BD discs, say Taiwan optical disc makers

Jun 4, 19:33

Fast growth in cloud computing and Big Data analysis is expected to drive demand for Blu-ray discs in 2016, according to Taiwan-based blank optical disc makers.

CMC Magnetics lands orders for 100GB BD discs from Facebook

Jun 3, 14:53

Blank optical disc maker CMC Magnetics has obtained orders for 100GB Blu-ray Disc (BD) discs from Facebook and expects other providers of Internet services to follow suit, according...

Blu-ray demand to rise due to popularity of Ultra HD TVs, says CMC chairman

Jun 10, 10:18

The increasing use of Ultra HD LCD TVs and content is expected to hike global demand for Blu-ray Disc (BD), according to chairman Robert Wong for Taiwan-based blank optical disc maker...

Global demand for BD discs may grow to 400 million units in 2012, says PIDA

Newswatch - May 14, 12:31

Taiwan-based Photonics Industry & Technology Development Association (PIDA) has indicated global demand for Blu-ray Disc (BD) discs is likely to grow from 210 million units in...

Optical disc maker CMC Magnetics expects 10% growth in 3Q11 revenues

Sep 8, 01:50

Optical disc maker CMC Magnetics expects its third-quarter revenues to grow 10% sequentially and is also expected to turn a profit, as second-tier disc makers are gradually phasing...

Taiwan BD makers facing strong competition from India-based MBI

May 24, 01:55

Despite global Blu-ray disc (BD) sales are rising in 2011, since Taiwan-based BD makers including CMC Magnetics and Ritek, will only have limited capacity growth in 2011, while competitor...

Taiwan market: Blu-ray expected to see 10% share of media player shipments in 2011

Mar 17, 01:30

Shipments of Blu-ray disc players in Taiwan in 2010 reached only around 30,000 units, accounting for less than 5% of the total media player shipments of 630,000 units; however, sources...

Global demand for blank Blu-ray Discs to grow to 412 million units in 2013, says JRIA

Mar 7, 11:06

The global demand for blank Blu-ray Discs (BD) in 2010 was estimated at 113 million units, up 156.82% from 2009, and is projected to be continue growing to 412 million discs in 2013,...

Taiwan optical disc production value expected to rise in 2011

Jan 19, 11:52

Although total unit shipments to the global optical disc market are shrinking, the growth for the Blu-ray Disc (BD) segment is expected to boost Taiwan-based makers' production value...

Blu-ray disc drive penetration will not see giant boost

Nov 23, 02:05

Although the price of the Blu-ray disc (BD) drives has already dropped from US$100 to about US$70-80, market penetration of BD drives in 2010 is unlikely to see strong growth compared...

Taiwan expected to become the largest Blu-ray disc maker by the end of 2010

Sep 30, 01:45

Although Taiwan currently only has two makers, Ritek and CMC Magnetics, manufacturing Blu-ray discs, as the Japanese Yen exchange rate appreciates, Japan-based makers are starting...

CMC Magnetics obtains 6x 50GB Blu-ray Disc-R DL certification

Sep 14, 10:29

CMC Magnetics, the largest Taiwan-based maker of blank optical discs, on September 13 announced it has obtained certification from the Blu-ray Disc (BD) Association for its 50GB single-sided...

CMC expects proportion of revenues for Blu-ray Disc to exceed 50% in 2012

Sep 1, 11:37

Taiwan-based optical disc maker CMC Magnetics expects the proportion of its consolidated revenues for Blu-ray Disc (BD) discs to reach 10% in 2010, increase to 20-25% in 2011 and...

CMC, Ritek no plans to offer Blu-ray XL

Jul 21, 09:56

While Japan-based Sharp and TDK will launch 100GB Blu-ray Disc (BD) XL discs in late July and September 2010 respectively, CMC Magnetics and Ritek, the two largest Taiwan-based makers...

Prices for Blu-ray Disc PUHs expected to fall to US$10-12 in 2011, say Taiwan makers

Jul 20, 10:37

International quotes for Blu-ray Disc (BD) pick-up heads (PUHs) have dropped to below US$20, and are expected to keep falling to US$10-12 in 2011, according to Taiwan-based makers.

More than 20 companies join Taiwan Blu-ray Disc Consortium

Apr 29, 01:00

More than 20 companies have joined the Taiwan Blu-ray Disc (BD) Consortium, a special interest group formed by Taiwan-based companies involved in the BD market. The consortium is...

Kenmec board of directors approves EMS business spin-off

Mar 10, 15:55

Kenmec Mechanical Engineering, which specializes in industrial automation equipment, has announced plans to spin off its EMS unit have been approved by its board of directors.

OEM quotes for Blu-ray Disc drives fall to US$70-80, say Taiwan makers

Mar 9, 12:16

Contract-manufacturing quotes for PC-use Blu-ray Disc (BD) drives have dropped to US$70-80 currently, still much higher than about US$20 for DVD drives, according to Taiwan-based...

Blu-ray Disc gaining popularity in consumer segment

Nov 20, 10:37

Global demand for Blu-ray Disc (BD) players and movie discs is expected to steadily increase as average retail prices for players will drop from US$193 currently to US$77 in 2012...

Global demand for PC-use Blu-ray Disc drives not to take off until 2H10, say Taiwan makers

Sep 1, 11:43

While Sony reportedly will lower the retail price for its half-height internal Blu-ray Disc (BD) optical disc drive (ODD), the BDU-X105, to US$49.99, PC-use BD drives will not be...

U-Tech Media obtains 50GB Blu-ray Disc-ROM certification from BD Association

May 5, 10:52

Taiwan-based pre-recorded optical disc maker U-Tech Media on May 4 announced it has obtained certification from the Blu-ray Disc (BD) Association for producing 50GB singe-sided double-layer...

Ritek aiming at global market share of 20% for Blu-ray Disc in 2009, says paper

Newswatch - Mar 23, 10:37

Ritek occupied 17% of the global shipment volume of blank Blu-ray-Disc (BD) discs to rank third in 2008 and expects its global share to rise to 20% in 2009, the Chinese-language newspaper...

China Blu-ray Disc testing center kicks off operation, says paper

Newswatch - Feb 17, 10:58

CESI Blu-ray Disc Product Testing Center, currently the only testing and certification body for Blu-ray Disc (BD) devices in China, has formally kicked off its operation, according...

Taiwan market: price-cut competition for BD devices at IT Month fair

Dec 1, 16:35

At the annual IT Month fair taking place in Taipei from November 29 to December 7, 2008, Taiwan-based maker Forworld Electronics offers a self-produced Blu-ray Disc (BD) player and...

Taiwan maker Kenmec to start shipping Blu-ray players in 1Q09

Nov 7, 14:05

Kenmec Mechanical Engineering, a Taiwan-based producer of automation equipment and flat panel display manufacturing equipment, has extended its business to providing EMS (electronics...

Orders of pre-recorded DVD discs from Hollywood studios falling short of expectations, fueling speculation of improved Blu-ray Disc demand

Oct 31, 16:40

Leading Taiwan-based makers of pre-recorded optical discs, including U-Tech Media and Feng Sheng Technology, have seen thier orders for DVD movie discs from major movie studios in...

Taiwan maker U-Tech Media obtains OEM orders for BD movie discs from Hollywood

Oct 21, 11:11

U-Tech Media, the largest Taiwan-based OEM maker of pre-recorded optical discs, recently received urgent orders for several thousand Blu-ray Disc (BD) movie discs from major movie...

Lite-On IT delays 6x Blu-ray Combo drive production schedule

Oct 16, 01:10

Lite-On IT originally planned to begin volume production of 6x Blu-ray Disc (BD) Combo drives in the third quarter of 2008 but has decided to postpone the start until November, according...

Taiwan market: Pioneer to launch three new BD players, aims at 50% market share in 2009

Oct 15, 11:56

Pioneer has debuted three new Blu-ray Disc (BD) players (BDP-51FD, BDP-LX71 and BDP-LX91) models, which the company dubs its third-generation BD players, for launch in the Taiwan,...

Pioneer BDP-LX91

Taiwan market: Pioneer to launch Blu-ray Disc player

Newswatch - Sep 29, 09:47

Pioneer showcased its new Blu-ray Disc (BD) player model, BDP-LX71, at the Taipei 3C Exhibition taking place on September 25-28 and the company will immediately launch the model in...

BD drive adoption rates slower than expected due to high OEM/ODM quotes

Sep 23, 11:40

The proportion of new desktop and notebook PCs launched in the third quarter of 2008 equipped with Blu-ray Disc (BD) optical drives, BD-ROM or BD Combo or BD burner was lower than...

Ritek said to be third ranked blank BD disc maker worldwide

Newswatch - Sep 4, 10:39

Ritek, the second largest Taiwan-based producer of blank optical discs, witnessed its shipment volume of blank Bly-ray Disc (BD) discs grow, helping the company rise from a fourth...

Taiwan-based Forworld Electronics and DataFab to supply Haier with components for BD players, says newspaper

Newswatch - Aug 13, 10:21

Forworld Electronics, a Taiwan-based maker of optical disc players, and DataFab Systems, a Taiwan-based producer of external flash memory cards, have partnered with Haier, a large...

Buffalo and I-O Data to launch 8x BD burners but PC vendors in no rush to adopt, say Taiwan makers

Aug 4, 16:33

Japan-based Buffalo will launch two 8x Blu-ray Disc (BD) burners, an internal model BR-816FBS and an external model BR-816SU2, initially in the Japan market in August 2008. International...

U-Tech hopes to benefit from Wal-Mart sales promotion of BD movies

Jul 21, 10:59

U-Tech Media, the largest Taiwan-based maker of pre-recorded optical discs, may obtain OEM orders for Blu-ray Disc (BD) movie discs from movie studios in the US due to Wal-Mart's...

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  • Toshiba+dynabook+TX%2F98MBL+3D+notebook

    Toshiba dynabook TX/98MBL 3D notebook

    Toshiba has announced a notebook that features playback of 3D content in the Blu-ray 3D format - the dynabook TX/98MBL which will be available at the end of July in the Japan market...

    Photo: Company, Jun 10.

  • LG+launches+8x+BD+burner+in+Taiwan

    LG launches 8x BD burner in Taiwan

    LG Electronics (LGE) has launched an 8x BD burner in Taiwan, showcasing it at the IT Month fair from November 29-December 7, 2008 in Taipei LGE's new BD model is priced at NT$16,800...

    Photo: Jimmy Hsu, Digitimes, Dec 3.

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