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Taiwan makers to catch up with Korea competitors in LED TV panel production in 6 months, says Amtran president

Sep 15, 17:05

Amtran president Frank Wu is optimistic about Taiwan's LED-backlit LCD TV panel production, which he said will catch up with Korea competitors in six months, although Amtran so far...

Amtran August revenues increase over 33% sequentially

Sep 9, 16:27

Taiwan-based TV maker Amtran Technology has reported a 33.2% sequential consolidated revenues increase to NT$5.36 billion (US$163.82 million) for August from NT$4.02 billion for July...

Amtran unveils Vizio 55-inch LED TV; US vendor aiming to ship 2-3 million LED TVs in 2010

Sep 9, 12:31

Amtran Technology, an affiliate of Vizio, on September 8 unveiled in Taiwan a 55-inch LED TV it makes for the US vendor. Amtran chairman Alpha Wu said Vizio aims to ship 2-3 million...

Vizio 55-inch LED-backlit LCD TV unveiled by Amtran in Taipei

Amtran expects to ship 7 million LCD TVs in 2010

Aug 27, 12:33

Taiwan-based TV maker Amtran Technology shipped over two million LCD TVs in the first half of 2009 and expects to achieve its 2009 goal of shipping 4-4.5 million units, according...

LGE, Amtran reportedly take up new shares issued by Formosa Epitaxy

Aug 21, 17:24

Korea-based LCD TV vendor LG Electronics (LGE) and Taiwan-based TV maker Amtran Technology reportedly have acquired a combined 10% share of a NT$7 billion (US$212.12 million) capital...

Amtran July 2009 revenues drop almost 30% sequentially

Aug 10, 15:28

Taiwan-based TV maker Amtran Technology has announced revenues of NT$4 billion (US$121.86 million) for July 2009, down 28.99% from NT$5.64 billion for June and down 10.62% from NT$4.5...

TPV lands Vizio LCD TV orders

Jul 13, 13:55

TPV Technology has landed LCD TV orders from Vizio, an affiliate of Taiwan-based LCD TV maker Amtran Technology, and expects to ship up to 10 million LCD TVs in 2009, up from six...

Amtran June revenues up about 5% sequentially

Jul 10, 17:17

Taiwan-based TV maker Amtran Technology has announced revenues of NT$5.64 billion (US$170.73 million) for June 2009, increases of 5.21% from NT$5.36 billion for May and 10.6% from...

Globally 25% of LCD TVs shipped in 1Q09 were outsourced, says DisplaySearch

Jul 9, 15:54

In the first quarter of 2009, 25% of LCD TVs were made by external OEMs/EMS such as Amtran, Compal, Grundig, Jabil, TPV Technology and Wistron, up 1% sequentially, according to Dis...

Taiwan market: Vizio to launch LED-backlit TV in 4Q09

Jun 12, 16:39

US-based LCD TV vendor Vizio, an affiliate of Taiwan-based LCD TV maker Amtran Technology, plans to launch its 55-inch LED TV in Taiwan in the fourth quarter, and may add a 40-inch...

LCD TV vendor Vizio gains stay against ITC exclusion order

Jun 11, 17:17

The United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit has granted US-based TV vendor Vizio, an affiliate of Taiwan-based LCD TV maker Amtran Technology, its motion for emergency...

Pricing of 32-inch TVs to remain stable in 3Q09, says Amtran president

Jun 2, 11:06

It is unlikely the global average selling price (ASP) of 32-inch LCD TVs will increase in the third quarter of this year, despite recent increases in related panel prices, said Alpha...

Vizio files patent infringement lawsuit against Funai

May 22, 09:08

One more lawsuit has been filed in the US in the ongoing legal battle between Taiwan LCD TV players and Japan-based Funai Electric. The lawsuit, filed recently by LCD TV vendor Vizio,...

Amtran announces profit for 1Q09

Apr 29, 16:21

Taiwan-based TV maker Amtran Technology has announced that its first quarter of 2009 revenues increased by 6% sequentially to NT$15.83 billion (US$470.29 million), with operating...

Amtran to make LCD TVs for China-based TV vendor

Apr 21, 15:16

Taiwan-based LCD TV maker Amtran Technology will enter the China LCD TV market through partnering with a local China first-tier TV brand, according market sources. Amtran will produce...

Amtran ships 950,000 LCD TVs in 1Q09

Apr 21, 14:36

Taiwan-based LCD TV maker Amtran Technology shipped 950,000 LCD TVs in the first quarter of 2009, a total that surpassed the company's previous estimate of 800,000-900,000 units,...

Amtran president Alpha Wu

More Taiwan LCD TV makers caught up in Funai patent dispute in the US

Apr 15, 15:39

The US International Trade Commission (ITC) has upheld a patent infringement charge filed by Japan-based Funai and has issued a limited exclusion order to ban imports of digital LCD...

Vizio plans to continue to import and ship HDTVs during ITC review

Apr 14, 01:00

Vizio, an affiliate of Taiwan-based LCD TV maker Amtran Technology, has responded on the limited exclusion order by the ITC that they hold to their belief that because of recent rulings...

Amtran and Jean to launch LED backlit products in 2H09, paper says

Newswatch - Mar 23, 16:57

Taiwan LCD display makers Amtran Technology and Jean will launch LED-backlit products in the second half of this year, according to a Chinese language Commercial Times rep...

Amtran reports profits of NT$239 million for 4Q08

Newswatch - Mar 19, 16:28

LCD TV maker Amtran Technology has reported that its fourth-quarter 2008 revenues went up 12% sequentially to NT$14.87 billion (US$439.77 million), with profits totaling NT$239 million,...

Amtran sees better-than-expected performance in February

Mar 6, 15:36

LCD TV maker Amtran Technology saw better-than-expected results in February on revenues of NT$5.12 billion (US$146.51 million), up 12% from NT$4.58 billion in January, but down 15.09%...

Amtran benefiting from depreciating NT dollar

Newswatch - Feb 25, 16:03

Taiwan-based LCD TV maker Amtran Technology is expected to see a profit boost coming from the depreciation of the Taiwan dollar in the first quarter of the year, as the company's...

Amtran January revenues decline almost 9%

Feb 11, 14:59

Taiwan-based LCD TV maker Amtran Technology has reported January revenues of NT$4.58 billion (US$134.71 million), down 8.58% sequentially and down 29.47% on year.

Amtran Vizio LCD TV shipments hit quarterly record in 4Q08, says paper

Newswatch - Jan 6, 16:44

Amtran Technology's Vizio-brand LCD TV shipments hit a quarterly record of 900,000- 950,000 units in the fourth quarter of 2008, according to a Chinese-language Economic Daily...

Amtran counter sues LCD TV maker Funai

Dec 23, 12:44

Taiwan-based LCD TV maker Amtran Technology filed a patent infringement lawsuit at the United States District Court, Western District of Wisconsin against Japan Funai Electric, according...

Amtran says Vizio TV sales strong on Black Friday

Dec 3, 01:10

Amtran Technology, which makes the Vizio-branded flat panel TVs, has disclosed that the brand had strong Black Friday sales because of its pricing strategy, selling 162,000 units...

Amtran sees no impact from Circuit City woes

Stockwatch - Nov 13, 11:00

In response to Circuit City's filing for bankruptcy, Taiwan-based LCD TV maker Amtran Technology has remarked that it does not expect the case to have an impact on its finances despite...

Amtran to move its LCD monitor production to China

Stockwatch - Oct 24, 12:06

Taiwan-based Amtran Technology, one of Top-3 branded LCD TV vendors in North America is going to transfer its LCD monitor production from its Hukou, Hsinchu County factory to its...

Commentary: LG Display and Amtran relationship off to embarrassing start

Sep 26, 12:32

The competitive landscape in the LCD TV industry has made for strange bed partners, with Korea-based LG and Amtran being one example. On the one hand LG Display (LGD) announced in...

Amtran expects Vizio to ship 4 million flat panel TVs in 2008

Sep 18, 17:22

Amtran Technology expects its total shipments of LCD TV this year may reach three million units and the maker expects shipments of flat-panel TV from its Vizio brand to exceed four...

Amtran expects to see LCD TV shipments boost

Sep 18, 01:00

In order to satisfy demand during the year-end holiday season, Amtran Technology's channel partners in North America started to refill their LCD TV inventory since the beginning of...

Taiwan market: Amtran aims to expand Vizio LCD TV share, says paper

Newswatch - Sep 15, 12:32

Amtran Technology aims to have Vizio take 10% of Taiwan's LCD TV market, which is estimated to have a size of one million units in 2008, according to the Chinese-language Economic...

Amtran and LGD to set up joint venture in China for LCM and LCD TV assembly

Sep 1, 11:26

Amtran Technology has announced that it has signed an agreement with LG Display (LGD) to jointly set up a plant in China for the production of LCD modules (LCMs) and the assembly...

32-inch PDP prices drop to unprofitable levels

Aug 13, 12:34

Prices for 32-inch PDP panels have been driven down to unprofitable levels by continued price declines for LCD competition, according to industry sources.

Vizio PDP TV

Vizio LCD TV maker Amtran says it paid royalties for MPEG-2 patents

Jun 11, 11:24

Taiwan-based Amtran Technology, a major shareholder of US-based LCD TV vendor Vizio and also a major manufacturer for the brand, has stressed that it has already paid the royalties...

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