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Handset semiconductor revenue to increase about 4% in 2010, says ABI

Jul 27, 10:18

After four quarters of decline, the global mobile handset market began showing signs of life starting in the fourth quarter of 2009, and ABI Research expects the trend to continue...

Annual netbook shipments will grow more than double by 2013, says ABI Research

Jul 23, 17:09

In 2010, almost 60 million netbooks are expected to ship worldwide. According to a new set of forecasts from ABI Research, almost double that number will be reaching global markets...

More than 55 million smartphone shipped in 1Q10, says ABI Research

Jun 24, 14:42

The global smartphone market continued to build on its strong performance in the fourth quarter of 2009 with shipments in the first three months of 2010 totaling a little more than...

Global pay-TV subscribers to grow 7% as more set-top box solutions enter the market

Jun 8, 17:11

More than 719 million pay-TV subscribers are expected to sign up in 2010 as the economic recovery continues to gain momentum, according to latest forecasts from ABI Research. Digital...

Growth of Linux-based smartphone shipments will outstrip growth of smartphone market in 2010, says ABI

Jun 2, 15:32

The number of recent Linux-oriented initiatives in the mobile industry demonstrates that Linux will be a key technology in the next generation of mobile devices, according to ABI...

Average subsidized smartphone price from US operators rises to US$117 in April, says ABI Research

May 28, 12:17

If users want to buy smartphones, there is a plethora of pricing options available, depending not just on the handset's capabilities but on where and how they shop.

Consumer navigation shipments to hit 267 million by 2015, says ABI Research

May 20, 17:03

The global market for consumer navigation devices, services and systems will triple between 2010 and 2015, representing a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 25% over the next five...

Pay TV revenues to grow 7%, exceed US$312 billion in 2010, says ABI Research

May 20, 10:30

Pay TV market growth slowed in 2009 due to the recession. However, 2010 is expected to be a better year as operators have been signing up new subscribers, and existing subscribers...

Global handset shipments total 1.15 billion in 2009, says ABI Research

Apr 23, 16:06

Global mobile handset shipments totaled approximately 1.15 billion in 2009, with enhanced phones and smartphones capturing approximately 81% of all handset shipments, according to...

Global LBS platform and infrastructure revenues to reach US$1.8 billion by 2015, says ABI Research

Mar 16, 16:58

Global LBS platforms revenues will grow from US$560 million in 2010 to US$1.8 billion in 2015, at which point they will reach saturation. While in the past mobile location center...

Smartphone market finds its mojo in 4Q09, says ABI Research

Mar 16, 15:50

Fourth quarter mobile handset sales almost always outpace the performance seen in the rest of a year. But according to the latest market data from ABI Research, the final quarter...

Global fixed broadband service revenues to exceed US$210 Billion in 2014, says ABI Research

Mar 15, 09:44

The increasing demand for broadband helps increase subscriber numbers as well as service revenue, and global fixed broadband service revenue is expected to exceed US$210 billion in...

RFID market to reach US$5.35 billion in 2010, says ABI Research

Mar 8, 12:25

Despite the economic doldrums which required downward adjustments to ABI Research's RFID forecasts for 2009 and 2010, the outlook is good for steady growth through the next five years,...

LTE and WiMAX deployments go head-to-head as the 4G technology battle begins, says ABI Research

Mar 3, 15:57

As LTE deployments begin to pick up pace, WiMAX continues its steady progress. according to ABI Research analyst Bhavya Khanna.

Wireless ICs expected to exceed 2 billion units in 2010, says ABI Research

Feb 24, 16:09

Global shipments of short range wireless ICs (Bluetooth, NFC, UWB, 802.15.4, Wi-Fi) are expected to surpass two billion units this year, increasing approximately 20% compared to 2009...

163 million smartbooks expected to ship in 2015, says ABI Research

Feb 23, 16:08

ABI Research expects 163 million smartbooks will ship worldwide in 2015 – a significant rate of growth given that the very first models only appeared in 2008.

Shipments of 4 million media tablets in 2010 will rise to 57 million units in 2015, says ABI Research

Feb 4, 16:37

The high-profile launch of Apple's iPad tablet computing device highlights the real start of a new market segment for media tablets that according to analysts at ABI Research will...

Handset shipments reach 336.5 million in 4Q09, says ABI Research

Feb 1, 16:56

An estimate of 336.5 million handsets were shipped in fourth-quarter 2009, up 15.1% on quarter, said Jake Saunders, VP for forecasting at ABI Research. Competition continued to squeeze...

ARM-based CPUs will overtake x86 in ultra-mobiles in 2013, says ABI Research

Jan 22, 16:30

While an estimated 90% of ultra-mobile Devices (UMDs) shipped in 2009 were based on an x86 processor architecture, the introduction of ARM-based systems introduces greater choice...

Consumer 802.11n Wi-Fi access point shipments to exceed 32 million in 2010, says ABI Research

Jan 20, 17:10

Shipments of 802.11n WLAN access point shipments into SOHO and consumer markets are expected to reach 32.2 million in 2010, according to ABI Research industry analyst Serene Fong.

4G mobile consumer service revenues will exceed US$70 billion in 2014, says ABI Research

Jan 13, 16:58

As 4G network deployments gather momentum, a substantial 22% of device subscription revenues will come from suites of operator-branded premium services. Total 4G mobile consumer service...

802.11n to feature in 87% of Wi-Fi-enabled smartphones in 2014, says ABI Research

Jan 13, 16:32

Although 802.11n Wi-Fi technology was found in less than 1% of Wi-Fi-enabled smartphones last year, in 2014 at least 87% of Wi-Fi-capable smartphones will feature this latest of the...

LTE to drive IMS market to more than double current size, says ABI Research

Jan 7, 15:33

Revenues from mobile IMS (IP multimedia subsystem) sales are expected to increase more than 100% over the next five years driven by LTE network deployment, according to ABI Researc...

Mobile consumer electronics device shipments to grow 55-fold in six years, says ABI Research

Jan 5, 17:16

Shipments of mobile broadband-enabled consumer electronics are forecast to increase 55-fold between 2008 and 2014. This market – which includes e-book readers, mobile digital...

17 million home energy management systems forecast to ship in 2014, says ABI Research

Dec 17, 12:39

Starting from a negligible base, the market for systems that help homeowners improve management of their energy consumption is expected to grow rapidly, with 17 million such systems...

Nearly 2 billion Bluetooth chipsets to ship in 2014, says ABI Research

Dec 7, 16:55

Nearly two billion Bluetooth chipsets are forecast to ship in 2014 alone, according to ABI Research. More than half will be found in wireless handsets. In the same year, almost 1.5...

Almost 2 million mobile WiMAX subscribers expected by end of 2009, says ABI Research

Dec 4, 17:03

Over the last several years, mobile WiMAX has moved through standardization, productization, and interoperability testing and certification. Larger-scale network deployments are finally...

Global off-deck LBS application activations to exceed 260 million in 2010, says ABI Research

Nov 27, 10:30

ABI Research expects off-deck LBS application downloads to increase to more than 260 million in 2010 and to reach almost two billion by 2014 since the surging popularity enjoyed by...

Operators rushing to upgrade 3G networks while LTE waits in the wings, says ABI Research

Nov 25, 14:54

LTE trials are picking up pace, with operators eager to roll out 4G networks as soon as possible. As of the end of September 2009, 100 mobile networks had LTE trials or commitments...

Femtocell shipments much lower than expected in 2009, says ABI Research

Nov 13, 16:22

ABI Research has scaled down its estimation of femtocell shipments to only about 350,000 in 2009, compared to shipments of 790,000 that it forecast in April.

Ultra mobile device shipments to hit 385 million in 2014, says ABI Research

Oct 27, 16:56

ABI Research expects the ultra mobile device (UMD) market – ultra mobile PCs (UMPCs), netbooks, MIDs and mobile consumer electronics devices – to reach 385 million units...

2.5 billion Bluetooth low energy chipsets to ship in 2014

Oct 20, 11:21

The first Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) products are already lining up, ahead of a specification ratified by the Bluetooth SIG. According to a recent study from ABI Research, the BLE...

Wi-Fi still rules as CE network connections grow, says ABI Research

Oct 15, 16:32

Wi-Fi connections in consumer electronics devices will rise from 113 million in 2008 to more than 285 million by 2012 with the growth of connected consumer electronics devices, according...

Global number of GPS IC shipments will approach 450 million in 2010, says ABI Research

Sep 30, 16:11

While GPS IC shipment growth has slowed during 2009, next year should see a 30% increase in shipments, according to ABI Research. The unabated interest in GPS-enabled smartphones...

Media phones to reach US$5 billion by 2014, says ABI Research

Sep 29, 15:04

Media phones will be the fastest-growing device type among "fourth screen" devices – small portables such as digital photo frames, media phones, and Internet appliances...

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