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EverFocus debuts a new technology 'eZ Tracker'

Press release [Tuesday 20 May 2014]

EverFocus recently unveiled a cutting-edge technology, eZ Tracker, combining EverFocus network fisheye camera (EFN3320) and EverFocus network speed dome camera (EPN series) for wide-area surveillance without compromising the optimal image quality.

The eZ Tracker function allows users to control the speed dome camera through fisheye camera Web UI. This function can be easily operated using a mouse. Click a desired location on the 360-degree surround view from the fisheye camera and the speed dome camera will be exactly triggered to track the location. Users can then utilize the smooth PTZ function on the speed dome camera view to zoom in or focus on a region of interest. Meanwhile, users can also monitor all the movements from the 360-degree surround view.

EverFocus EFN3320 is a 3-megapixel fisheye camera designed to monitor a location with 360-degree surround view (ceiling / desk mount) and 180-degree panoramic view (wall mount). The fisheye camera provides up to 8 cropped regions of view with changeable angles, allowing users to monitor all angles of a location simultaneously using just one camera. EverFocus EPN series, the network speed dome cameras support up to 30x optical-zoom, can offer real pan/tilt/zoom function for detailed and smooth video images. With these features, users can lessen the expense on the surveillance system set up, such as cutting the numbers of cameras, reducing manpower cost, decreasing maintenance fees, and more.

EverFocus debuts a new technology: eZ Tracker

EverFocus debuts a new technology: eZ Tracker

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