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Three new GKB SDI cameras to strengthen HD-SDI portfolio

Press release [Wednesday 16 April 2014]

GKB is launching of 3 latest high resolution cameras in HD-SDI portfolio, HD3535, HD5435, and HD5035. These cameras are embedded with 3 Megapixel CCD sensors for securing extremely accurate image quality. The HD-SDI series is specially designed with optional fixed lens and 8x digital zoom to obtain an optimal focus.

Various housing types meet your application requirements

HD3535 and HD5035 are two bullet-styles HD-SDI cameras, equipped with IP66-rated weatherproof designed for outdoor applications and HD3535 is specially added hidden cable bracket function to protect the cable from outside breakage.

HD5435 is a fixed dome camera applied in indoor surroundings such as commercial buildings, retails, museums and gaming with ICR and IR LED embedded functions.

A real WDR and IR secure in diverse lighting conditions

GKB's new HD-SDI cameras combine a multitude of advanced technologies to target the lighting limits. GKB's innovation HD-SDI cameras can sensitively capture highly detail images in changing lighting conditions and under backlighting at the extreme dark and light areas simultaneously. Furthermore, the 32x Sense up has improved higher sensitive in low light conditions.

About GKB

GKB Security Corporation is a global security solutions provider with a full range of user-friendly products, security solutions and support services designed to meet the needs of small and medium-sized system integrators and security installers. If you are interested to learn more about GKB and GKB products, please visit http://www.gkbsecurity.com/

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