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SCHURTER announces an extension of its FMER SOL DC filter portfolio with applications using 3-phase AC

Press release [Thursday 21 November 2013]

The new FMCC SOL high-performance filter series is designed for rated currents from 150A to 2500A which are ideal for increasingly powerful inverters that require filters on both the AC and DC sides. With UL approved voltage of 520VAC or 760VAC, they can be used in all high-performance systems such as inverters for photovoltaic, wind power systems as well as in industrial applications and quick-charge stations for electric vehicles. Despite this high performance, they feature a compact, lightweight design.

The market for renewable energy continues to grow strongly in the coming decade and beyond. Demand for high-performance inverters are on the rise as powerful and physically larger systems need to meet optimal energy efficiency. Modern inverters with MPPT (maximum power point tracking) generate interference in both directions: on the AC grid side and the DC panel side. On the DC side, a filter in the FMER SOL series can be used for currents from 25A to 2300A. These are enhanced very nicely on the AC side with the new FMCC SOL high-current series for 3-phase AC from 150A to 2500A. Filtering on both sides of the connection lines help to meet common EMC standards.

The FMCC SOL filter family has UL approvals for ambient temperatures of +50 degrees C as well as +40 degrees C with higher rated current. The high voltage rating of 760VAC allows their use in IT power grids.

The FMCC SOL up to 250A is equipped standard with M10 screw connections and starting at 320A with copper bars. Other connection types (stranded wire or copper bars for current levels less than 320A) are available on request. In addition, customer modifications to the switching or the housing are also possible on request.

SCHURTER EMC measurement service

SCHURTER EMC measurement service is a value added service that is offered to equipment manufacturers in order to determine conducted emissions and provide the most efficient filter solution.

SCHURTER's new FMCC SOL: Get the Maximum Efficiency of Power System.

SCHURTER's new FMCC SOL: Get the Maximum Efficiency of Power System.

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