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Ablecom: A server giant venturing into the IPC segment

Sponsored content [Wednesday 5 June 2013]

Ablecom Technology, a Taiwan-based quality chassis specialist, has been dedicated to designing and manufacturing high-end servers and workstations for years, and has managed to receive a number of patents with regard to the manufacture of uniquely designed chassis.

In addition to its strong presence in the server market, Ablecom has expanded its product portfolios to include industry PC (IPC) products, fully utilizing its high-capacity factory located in Taoyuan, northern Taiwan.

Digital signage solutions have been the first wave of IPC applications rolled out by Ablecom, which will showcase a series of integrated digital signage solutions at Computex Taipei 2013, enabling clients to see on spot how digital signage systems will work to enhance corporate image.

Ablecom's digital signage systems come with powerful remote-controlled and scheduling capability and support multiple playbacks for integrated and highly-efficient performance.

At the Computex, Ablecom will also showcase its professionally-designed tower and rack servers as well as its recently released cute mini tower chassis, the CS-M50, which comes with an elegant architecture and excellent heat dissipation capability, while also integrating an assortment of functions into a small form factor design.

Ablecom's smart green factory in Taiwan provides clients with integrated one-stop shopping services ranging from R&D, design, sampling, verification, molding and production in a seamless process. Its automated production and standardized operating environments are instrumental to cost reduction and quality control, making Ablecom a primary candidate for OEM/ODM partner in product development.

Ablecom chassis

Ablecom digital signage system

About Ablecom

Ablecom has been a leader in design and manufacture of high quality server chassis since 1997. We focus on providing mission-critical and high-end chassis for servers, workstation, and blades; moreover, we are also dedicated to providing advanced cooling and low-noise solutions. Offering top-notch technology, reliable stability, and seamless manufacturing, we have worked closely with our partners to meet their needs. Apart from these advantages, we have expanded our presence to the multimedia home IT server based business (which has unlimited potential in HD/3D), surveillance, and home automation market since 2007.

Ablecom Marketing Department

Media contact: Michelle Liao
Tel: 886-2-82265958 ext 1735


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