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The excellent performance of Fortrend OGS with ST and ITE IC, Win8 qualified

Press release [Thursday 25 April 2013]

Fortrend Taiwan Scientific Corp. has obtained Windows 8 qualifications successfully with the cooperation of ST and ITE. The Chairman of Fortrend Taiwan Scientific Corp., Mr. John Wu, indicated that after the collocation of the touch IC of ST and ITE with Fortrend's OGS touch panel, the touch panel has been qualified by Windows 8 in succession.

There are some advantages of their IC collocate with Fortrend's OGS touch panel: the speed of reporting rate is speedy and accurate. The slide and zoom in and out is smooth. The function of touch has exceeded the qualifications of Windows 8 and entered the supply chain of international manufacturers successfully.

Mr. Wu explained further that due to the exceptional process and material, the quality of Fortrend's OGS is highly stable. All the surfaces of their products have been processed with AR, Anti Smudge and Anti Scratch. Take laptops, AOI and Monitor for examples, there are always ten fingers controlling the touch screen at the same time when playing games and the screen is flat. Thus, AR is absolutely necessary lest the eyes should get hurt.

Moreover, it is extremely easy for people to scratch touch screen by metal, such as rings and watches, while working on it. If adding protective film on the touch panel, it will not only be costly but lower its touch performance. Thus, the function of Anti Scratch has become another key issue which affects touch panel's functions. Beside, the grease on the fingers can have the touch panel stained easily and hardly be cleaned. Therefore, the process of Anti Smudge is also a must.

Fortrend has solved the problems by making these processes into its standard procedure of surface. The quality of touch panel is excellent and no extra charges for these additional processes, which has impressed its clients. Fortrend's high quality OGS touch panel reveals extraordinary performance with the collocation of ST and ITE's superior IC. Mr. Wu indicated optimistically that the shipping quantity of Fortrend's touch panel would definitely exceed the expectation and maintain the continuous growth.

The excellent performance of Fortrend OGS with ST and ITE IC, Win8 qualified

The excellent performance of Fortrend OGS with ST and ITE IC, Win8 qualified

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