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Phoenix Technologies to participate at the Intel Developer Forum 2012 in San Francisco

Press release [Tuesday 11 September 2012]

Phoenix Technologies Ltd., the global leader in UEFI firmware technology, products and tools, announced its active involvement in the Intel Developer Forum 2012 in San Francisco, from September 11 to 13, 2012. Located in booth number 611, Phoenix will present system demos that highlight the latest UEFI BIOS solutions with cross-device, cross-codebase compatibility, enhanced security defense, and a new Windows 8-style GUI BIOS Setup.

Cross-device, cross-codebase compatibility

The universal build system of Phoenix SecureCore Technology comes with native EDK II support and is compatible with EDK 1117, allowing system developers to use a single BIOS core across different silicon platforms and operating systems, saving customization and maintenance efforts while reducing time to market.

Enhanced security defense

Ready for Windows 8, Phoenix SecureCore Technology has an advanced BIOS core built upon innovative UEFI technologies to support safety and security features, such as Secure Boot, Secure Flash, Capsule Update and Safe Recovery BIOS2.

Windows 8-style GUI BIOS Setup

The new Windows 8-style GUI BIOS Setup provides a seamless user experience that bridges Microsoft's next generation OS and Phoenix BIOS. Supporting devices with touch, stylus, mouse, or keyboard input, the new GUI BIOS Setup is not only aesthetically consistent with the Windows 8 tile system, it is also more intuitive to use than traditional text-based BIOS utilities.

Phoenix at the Intel Developer Forum 2012 San Francisco

Phoenix Technologies will showcase these exciting new features on customer platforms at the Intel Developer Forum 2012 in San Francisco from September 11-13 at booth #611.

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