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Imagination Meta processor delivers Dolby MS11 multistream for premium audio

Press release [Wednesday 18 July 2012]

Imagination Technologies, a leading multimedia technologies company, has achieved Dolby MS11 certification for its Meta processors. Meta processors are widely deployed in digital audio products including docks, radios and connected audio systems. With MS11 certification Meta can decode an extensive range of multistream audio standards using a single thread of the Meta processor.

According to Dolby the MS11 Multistream Decoder provides television and set-top box manufacturers with a single-package technology solution for decoding all premium audio formats, including Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby Digital, HE AAC with Dolby metadata, and all HE AAC/AAC bitstreams. It ensures optimal compatibility with the worldwide installed base of home theatre systems and with future broadcast audio standards.

The Meta family of embedded processors use hardware multi-threading to combine both general purpose 'Apps' and DSP capabilities in one processor. Using true hardware multi-threading and efficient DSP architecture Meta processors have exceptional tolerance to SoC system latencies while also delivering complex DSP and mathematical capabilities and levels of real-time response that make them ideal for audio SoC applications.

Broadcasters are implementing various formats to meet new TV audio standards worldwide. With Dolby MS11 on Meta manufacturers can ensure that their TV or set-top box products are ready for all present and forthcoming audio requirements by delivering a cost-effective solution, compatible with a comprehensive array of audio formats and standards.

The addition of Dolby MS11 support on Meta processors further extends Imagination's comprehensive portfolio of IP for HD TV which includes: Ensigma multistandard 'world' broadcast demodulation and 'SmartTV' connectivity; PowerVR graphics for advanced gaming, apps and user interface; PowerVR multistandard, multistream video decode and encode up to 4Kx2K; Meta multistream audio and apps processors; and HelloSoft V.VoIP 'video-chat' technologies.

Dolby MS11 is now available for use by all Meta licensees, subject to appropriate license from Dolby.

Information in this release on MS11 features is provided by Dolby. See also: http://www.dolby.com/gb/en/professional/technology/broadcast/dolby-ms11.html

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