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Lintes is pleased to announce new lower cost Thunderbolt cables based on next generation components

Press release [Tuesday 12 June 2012]

Lintes Technology Co. is pleased to announce new lower cost Thunderbolt cables today. As a dedicated supplier and manufacturer of Thunderbolt cables and connectors, Lintes has demonstrated its commitment to the technology by continuous working on reducing cost of Thunderbolt cable product. Although a great part of cost of Thunderbolt cable is in chipsets and components, Lintes is still trying to reduce cost as much as possible by yield rate improvement and efficient production. By replacing some key components with next generation products, Lintes' new Thunderbolt cables will enable lower prices to IT and consumer electronics industry.

Developed by Intel, and brought to market with technical collaboration from Apple, Thunderbolt technology is a new, high-speed I/O technology designed for performance, simplicity, and flexibility. The technology enables data transfer at speeds and volume that few consumers have ever seen before. However, after the newest ultrabook with Thunderbolt port start shipment, peripheral-connection devices that take advantage of the new feature are making their way to consumers quite slowly. One of the reason that slow down the market acceptance is the price of Thunderbolt cable. One Thunderbolt cable can combine the work that has been done by multiple cables, daisy-chaining an array of devices. The technology combines data, video, and audio that allows for a single, high-speed connection of peripherals such as hard drives, RAID arrays, video-capture solutions, and network interfaces—providing up to 10Gbps of data throughput. That requires the insides of a Thunderbolt cable to be considerably more complicated than say, a simple typical USB cable. Which, in turn, made development and shipping of new Thunderbolt devices a slower, more painstaking process. But the combination of Apple and Intel is formidable and making it too important to ignore. As the technology becomes cheaper, Thunderbolt will find mass-consumer uses. By the time that happens, strong market demand will drive lower costs of key components inside Thunderbolt cables and make the cable price cheaper.

In order to speed up Thunderbolt technology market growth, we understand that reliable and low-cost Thunderbolt cable product is an important factor. While we put efforts to reduce cable cost, we are also expecting more applications and vendors joining the market. When the demand grows, the key components of Thunderbolt cables can be cheaper due to quantity increasing. Although it may not be as cheap as USB cable, Lintes' goal is to reach the price that consumers are willing to pay for better performance sometime next year.

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