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LSI announces support for continuously available systems clustering on next-generation Microsoft Windows Server platforms

Press release [Monday 26 September 2011]

LSI announced on September 14 that it is working with Microsoft on the development of low-cost, Windows-based, high-availability (HA) server clustering solutions for Cloud datacenters and small and medium business (SMB) environments. The solutions will combine Microsoft's experience in managing clustered server environments through the Windows operating system with LSI's expertise delivering highly scalable storage and RAID interconnect technology.

The result of this effort is intended to lower the cost and complexity of HA systems clustering for server platforms based on Microsoft's next-generation OS, codenamed Windows Server 8, by providing fully redundant shared-node storage and application failover without requiring additional networking hardware. The solutions are designed to provide both clustered DAS for application servers and clustered NAS when used for file serving environments.

The combination of HA-DAS with Windows Server will allow Cloud datacenter providers to support a wider array of applications and enable scale-out to larger server clusters while preserving low latency. For SMBs running local applications, HA-DAS will offer a more cost-effective and easier to deploy and manage solution for avoiding application downtime and the associated lost productivity and revenue. The solutions will also help to increase storage utilization and reduce power, cooling and space requirements for a lower total cost of ownership.

For more information about the LSI and Microsoft co-development work on HA-DAS solutions, please visit http://www.lsi.com/about/newsroom/Pages/20110914pr.aspx

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