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AVEXIR to showcase Core Series DRAM module at COMPUTEX 2011

Press release [Tuesday 31 May 2011]

May 20, 2011, Taiwan - One of the most advanced high performance memory developers, AVEXIR Technology, announced the new series of product line during Computex 2011 Taipei. You will be given the opportunity to set your eyes on some of the latest products such as Core Series DRAM memory with enhanced performance monitor indicator and ultra high speed 500mb/s Blitz SSD SATA 3.0.

AVEXIR Core Series, a high performance module with visual overclocking management indicates by different color of LED lights. It represents a collections of AVEXIR core research and development technology. Most importantly, it was upheld by its company management philosophy "Serve you more than just right" and "made by soul". Based on the previous development experience of Blitz series, AVEXIR has recalculated the Core Series memory module thermal system efficiency. By enhance the heat conductivity of the heat spreader and 2oz copper 8 layers PCB, the heat conductivity of Core Series is 30% higher than previous Blitz Series. In addition, Core series visual overclocking management indicators grant users better understanding of memory module overclocked conditions; Green light when users select low voltage profile or blue light when the voltage exceeds 1.65v. Every Core Series of memory chips have been carefully selected by AIST (AVEXIR IC SORTING TECHNOLOGY) screening technology. After two groups of high-scale tests to ensure the highest quality, CORE Series memory module offers superior stability and performance which makes it an ideal choice for overclocking enthusiasts.

In addition, AVEXIR also plans to showcase the new SATA 3.0 interface Blitz SSD, available up to 512GB with read speed up to 550MB/s and write speed up to 500MB/s.

To experience and learn more about AVEXIR product information, you are welcome to visit AVEXIR at the Computex 2011 Taipei.

Booth Information

Date: 2011/5/31~6/4
Place: Taipei World Trade Center Nangang Exhibition Hall
Booth No. I1013a,I1013b,I1113,I1113c
Marketing Contact Window: AMBER KUO
Tel:03-560-1388 ext13
e-mail: amber@avexir.com.tw


AVEXIR Core Series DRAM module
Photo: Company


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