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CMT LogicFlash memory silicon verified on Silterra process

Press release, February 16, Staff reporter, DIGITIMES [Wednesday 16 February 2011]

Silterra Malaysia and CMT have announced the completion of silicon verification of CMT's LogicFlash memory technology on Silterra's 0.18-micron standard CMOS technology.

The LogicFlash provides customized embedded memory solutions for system-on-chip (SoC) integration. Unlike conventional embedded memory technology, LogicFlash memory technology offers seamless integration with standard CMOS technology without any additional mask and process modification. With the design elegance and cost advantage it offers, the LogicFlash is ideal for mobile multimedia applications that require high performance and low power, such as embedded microcontrollers, RFID and Near Field Communication (NFC).

"We are delighted with the successful completion of silicon verification of CMT's LogicFlash on Silterra's 0.18-micron standard CMOS technology. This provides our customers with a unique embedded non-volatile memory technology for complex SoC design which lowers design risk and speeds time-to-market," said Yit Loong Lai, vice president of Worldwide Sales and Marketing of Silterra. "The cooperation with CMT provides our customers with the shortest path from design to high-volume production, using Silterra's well proven 0.18-micron CMOS technology and CMT's unique, high density memory architecture, for low power and high-performance system-level devices."

"By partnering with Silterra, CMT's LogicFlash enables our mutual customers to design a cost effective embedded memory SoC chip with low power, high performance used in mobile multimedia applications." said Wingyu Leung, president and CEO of CMT.

CMT develops, licenses and markets innovative memory technology for semiconductors. Founded in 2007, CMT is headquartered in San Jose, California.

Silterra Malaysia provides foundry services to fabless and IDM companies, as well as verification services for IP developers. It offers CMOS logic, high-voltage and mixed signal/RF process technologies.

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