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AzureWave unveils comprehensive wireless entertainment and mobile Internet solutions with innovative vision

Press release [Thursday 6 January 2011]

The highly-anticipated 2011 International CES will be staged on January 6 with key spotlights on the ever-growing tablets, smart TVs, and many new generation Android applications. Catering to this trend, AzureWave Technologies, Inc, a global leading module maker in wireless communications, will be launching its leading-edge wireless solutions including 60GHz gigabit networking as well as new 4-in-1 combo module IC products at this year's CES.

According to iSuppli (July 2010), global shipments of Internet-enabled TV are anticipated to reach 148 million units, accounting for 54% of the total flat-panel TV market by 2014. Having foreseen this trend, AzureWave has kept building complete series of module products to fulfill the wireless entertainment market sector.

"AzureWave has successfully developed new generation wireless modules on top of the 60GHz WirelessHD and WiGig technologies," said Ted Lee, CEO of AzureWave Technologies. "Meanwhile, the PC-2-TV and WiGig solution showcase at CES is designed particularly to realize a high performance wireless transmission experience with quality and speed." AzureWave further exploited its extensive software developing capability to enable multimedia streaming and exchange functionality by integrating Android-based smartphones with consumer electronic devices such as DMPs and HDTVs, delivering a brand new vision of connected digital entertainment.

In the mobile Internet sector, AzureWave has moved towards miniaturized wireless module IC and mini-sized 3G module in coping with fast growth of smartphones, tablets, as well as the expanding demand for mobile connectivity. AzureWave also provides real-time solution to meet consumers' demand for anytime networking. For instance, the 4-in-1 wireless module IC is equipped with multiple functions including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, FM, and GPS, and is further integrated with low power consumption and complete software support, expanding mobile connectivity to more diversified wireless applications.

The wireless entertainment and mobile Internet markets are bound to become the key drivers of growth in the next wave of wireless communication modules. AzureWave has indicated that its long-term accumulation of wireless technology and software development capabilities can optimize wireless solutions for home entertainment as well as mobile devices. And through the integration of different technologies, AzureWave will be capable of creating more diversified and innovative values and provide more abundant innovative applications for improving wireless network technologies.

AzureWave will be showcasing its line-up of leading wireless solutions at the 2011 CES at LVCC South Hall 4, Booth #36015.

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