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Digitimes Research: Shipments of 64-bit application processors to grow fast in 2H14
Eric Lin, DIGITIMES Research, Taipei [Friday 29 August 2014]

Shipments of 64-bit application processors (APs) are expected to start gaining momentum in the second half of 2014 due to combined efforts by chipmakers, system providers as well as the support from Google, according to Digitimes Research.

Qualcomm has begun shipping 64-bit APs for smartphone applications with end-market devices built on these APs likely to hit the market in the third quarter. Meanwhile, MediaTek will begin large-volume shipments soon, positioning its 64-bit parts at the same levels as those of Qualcomm's but with more competitive prices.

Shipments of Intel's x86-based 64-bit processors for tablet applications will also grow significantly in the second half, buoyed by its proper marketing strategy. MediaTek's shipments of tablet APs will also perform strongly due to its flexible policy, while Nvidia will begin to ramp up shipments of its Tegra K1 processors in the third quarter.

Meanwhile, Allwinner Technology and Actions Semiconductor are expected to roll out their respective 64-bit solutions before the end of 2014, Digitimes Research estimated.

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