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iCatch inc, a leading brand in security surveillance industry
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Tuesday 1 April 2014

A young company comes with global perspective, firm determination in international market penetration and ambitious, iCatch inc. arguably is a world-class leading brand in security surveillance industry. In this exclusive interview with iCatch, you are about to learn that this company has solid foundations not only in product development and state-of-the-art technology, but also global channel marketing and strong relationships with regional distributors, by means of cultural inheritance, core competence and win-win models. Vanne Lin, the Executive Vice President at iCatch inc., reveals her ambitious in international market penetration, as well as iCatch's unique competitiveness through manage level's cultural inheritance. 'In the future,' said Vanne, 'iCatch will enter global medical industry, we are able to provide solutions with very much sought-after features such as positioning and alarming on top of security surveillance, which would make medical services even more user-friendly.'

iCatch established her own brand in 33 nations

In 2013, iCatch established markets in 33 nations with her own brand name, and will continue to build up further relationship with regional distributors. For that, iCatch can be seen in major trade shows worldwide - Secutech (Taiwan), ISC West (US), IFSEC (UK) to name a few.

In 2014, iCatch will focus on mobile surveillance solutions and newly introduced Universal DVR family. In terms of demands in mobile surveillance, iCatch provides a very user-friendly system which allows the user to monitor through computer browsers and mobile devices. And alarm would be sent to user's mobile devices when events are triggered, which gives the user first-hand message so that countermeasures can be conducted immediately.

iCatch's budget-friendly Universal DVR family is able to accommodate digital HD signals (1080P, 720P) and analog signals (960H, D1) in one single DVR, which provides great flexibility for upgrade. With existing coaxial cable infrastructure, the user is able to change some of the analog cameras with HD-SDI ones, or simply add new HD-SDI cameras at crucial points to fulfill surveillance capabilities with ease.

In the mean time, iCatch is also developing cloud surveillance system. At this moment, basic features such as remote storage, playback and backup are declared mature. iCatch promises that more efforts will be spent on this project to complete the feature as well as produce line.

Create product core competence, establish channels worldwide

Major surveillance system manufacturers are from South Korea, China and Taiwan. South Korea enjoy advantages over software capabilities, hence they can be seen in major tender cases. Yet in the meantime they are less strong in terms of hardware development and cost structure. On the other hand, Chinese manufacturers are benefited from the policy - they are able to obtain tax refund and other funding form the government. Also due to low labor and development cost in China, Taiwanese manufacturers often found themselves are far less competitive. Nevertheless, many Chinese manufacturers are still short of global perspective, global marketing staff and core competence. And low cost segment prevents it from entering mid and high level segments. The major problems that the Chinese manufacturers face still, are services and product stability.

Looking back to iCatch, who owns a comparative advantage in services and product stability, hence is able to produce competitive products with only 10% higher than Chinese ones in terms of cost. In the meantime, mid-term 2-year product roadmap is set, way to establish relationship with high royalty customers. Future products will focus on medical / nursing solutions for seniors, with practical features such as positioning and alarming. At this moment, iCatch has gathered extensive experiences in large international project planning in Germany and Ukraine...etc.

HD surveillance system will domain the market

'HD surveillance system will domain the market. Users don't really care about jargons like SDI, TVI or CVI.' Said Vanne Lin, the Executive Vice President at iCatch inc. 'What they do care about is high image quality they can see on the monitor. And our product performs better than our fellow competitors.' iCatch's DVR is able to output 30 frames per second at million pixels, 16 channels. This can hardly be outpaced.

On top of DVRs, iCatch also offers Intelligent Network solutions (IVR). They come with built-in switch. For users this means hassle free setting and no external switch needed, truly plug-n-play. And iCatch's IVRs share identical GUI with DVRs, so that the user can adopt it intuitively, saving up after service efforts.

Global surveillance market will continue to grow stably for sure, commented by the Executive VP. In terms of business strategy, she reveals, 'Each entrepreneur must consider own core competence, product differential and global marketing strategy to root in the market. Strategic alliance with other companies can also be very valuable approaches. As the No.1 security surveillance system manufacturer in Taiwan, iCatch will continue to invest in R&D. On top of our user-friendly platforms, an even more budget-friendly price structure will also be materialized. As a future plan, iCatch is going to enter medical related markets, creating even further brand value.'

If you have ever wondered what iCatch's advantages would be to penetrate medical markets, the answer has to go to Vanne, who has COO experience at one of the world's top 3 medical companies, and is very familiar with related channels worldwide. Her big picture is to combine security surveillance with medical and nursing, and will provide more competitive products and solution to fulfill different segments.

Vanne Lin, the Executive Vice President at iCatch international

Vanne Lin, the Executive Vice President at iCatch inc.

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