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Google Glass: Why I think the technology is ridiculous
Alex Wolfgram, DIGITIMES, Taipei [Friday 29 March 2013]

Google's attempt to induce the next wave of display technology is charming, but in my opinion is bound to fail. That is a heavy statement right off the bat and I am generally optimistic about Google's endeavors, but I have not been able to stop laughing since I have seen the ads of people sporting the glasses, and wish that I could consult Google on choosing its product development strategies.

The technology reminds me of when TV vendors were starting to promote 3D TVs. Remember all those ads (which still exist) featuring a family sitting on their couch wearing big goofy glasses while appearing to look giddy and excited? Those glasses were mocked by everyone and probably everything under the sun, and until now have not helped TV vendors bump up their value-added features for their products. Likewise, Google Glass is unlikely to make an impact on the display world as well as the company's display product line, as few people are going to actually want to wear the glasses (at least in public) because they will probably realize that looking into a tiny apparatus placed above their eyes is more uncomfortable than it is useful.

The glasses are designed so that you have to look up to view whatever information you are seeking. I am guessing Google did this in order to avoid blocking peoples' vision (smart thinking), but having to constantly look upwards with my eyes personally gives me a headache and probably will not be any safer than being able to view a smartphone or tablet at eye level while doing other tasks such as walking down the sidewalk without bumping into people.

Also, I do not know about you, but I do not care to look like Cyclops from X-Men. Now, do not get me wrong, Cyclops is a pretty cool guy, but unless the glasses can beam energy and knock out evil villains, I am not sure that wearing another accessory on my face is necessary instead of having a smartphone in my pocket. Also, in terms of glasses wearers it could be that Google will provide some sort of magnifying glass-type looking device that clips onto a person's spectacles, but that would be more suitable for a biologist observing cell development in a petri dish in my opinion.

However, if Google were to make Google Contact Lens that would allow me to watch movies at work without anyone visibly noticing the content being played and giving people the impression that I am immersed into my computer screen, well then that would be fantastic.

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