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Making Remote Management Possible for ATM Applications
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Tuesday 28 August 2012

Advantech Industrial Motherboards (AIMB) are used by many KIOSK applications around the world, especially in the field of multi-location ATM applications.

The Challenge

Simultaneously, remotely, and centrally managing a bank's ATM network normally equates to time savings and cost reductions. This is simply because they require much fewer field technicians to physically reach every single ATM for either on-site diagnosis and/or re-programming.

The Solution

Advantech SUSIAccess is a Windows XP-based (Linux in later versions) application, it is an ideal software solution which enables ATM operators to not only monitor (Device Monitoring function) each individual ATM system at the same time from a centralized remote site, but also take control of client ATMs by changing system setting and updating firmware (Device Configuration). In addition, when an ATM error occurs, a system can automatically diagnose itself and send a warning message to an operator. Such messages will be shown on an icon-interfaced control panel which can help operators to immediately identify the problem and its exact location. Even with such remote capabilities, some problems can't be resolved, but it still helps operators decide whether to dispatch technicians with appropriate tools for on-site maintenance, rather than traveling blind and finding they still need to go back to HQ for replacements.

In addition to remote monitoring and management, one of the major advantages of SUSIAccess is to make system recovery from remote sites possible. All bank managers understand the serious impact if ATM operating systems crash or stop working properly. Downtime critically affects a bank's revenue, customer service, and brand image. With SUSIAccess installed, just select that particular ATM icon and choose the One-Click-Recovery button on the user- friendly control panel. SUSIAccess will then start to re-boot the system through its special eSOS tool which recovers the system by using a pre-installed emergency OS hidden in the partition of the client ATM. Once the ATM has been successfully re-started, SUSIAccess will then continue to restore and recover all necessary system files and data, enabling the ATM to operate normally again.

SUSIAccess remote restores a system back online with just a click

SUSIAccess remote restores a system back online with just a click

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