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Asustek debuts dual-core Intel Xeon server boards
Press release; Jessie Shen, DIGITIMES [Wednesday 12 October 2005]

Asustek Computer yesterday unveiled its PVL-D series server motherboards, coinciding with Intel’s recent launch of its dual-core Xeon CPU that will improve the performance and response time of multi-threaded server applications.

The PVL-D series includes the PVL-D/1U and PVL-D/SCSI motherboards. Both boards support a dual-Xeon DP (Paxville) dual-core processor platform with Hyper-Threading Technology, independent 2M L2 cache for each CPU core, and 800MHz system bus, according to Asustek.

For the cost of a dual-CPU server board, users can enjoy the benefits of eight CPU threads, claims the company. The server boards further leveraged advanced 64-bit computing, which provides 16GB of memory address, to deliver another 46% system performance increase compared to conventional solutions, said the company.

According to Asustek, the streamline design of the memory slots, northbridge and power supply unit connectors (located on the side), the server boards maximize airflow and ventilation within the system for superior heat dissipation. The CPU and VRM (voltage regulation modules) are located at the center of the boards, allowing the fans to aim directly at the critical components for efficient cooling, the company states.

To ensure data safety, the PVL-D series incorporate RAID 0, 1, 10 on Windows, Redhat and Netware for complete driver support, and additional OS/data integrity protection as well as cost-effective Hardware RAID 5 upgrade from SODIMM ZCR, said the company.

Bernard Cheng, Director of ASUS Server Business, stated that the PVL-D Series was developed with corporate productivity in mind, providing system performance improvement with a dual-CPU architecture, dual-core processing, and Hyper-Threading Technology.

Asustek dual-core Xeon server boards specifications






Dual 2.8GHz Intel Dual-core Xeon Processor at 800MHz FSB with EM64T and 2*2M L2 cache
Dual Intel Xeon, 800MHz EM64T with 2M L2 cache, 3.6GHz+

Dual 2.8GHz Intel Dual-core Xeon Processor at 800MHz FSB with EM64T and two 2M L2 cache

Dual Intel Xeon, 800MHz EM64T with 2M L2 cache, 3.6GHz+


Intel E7520MCCH, Intel ICH5R

Intel E7520MCH, Intel PXH, ICH5R


Dual-channel DDR2 400, ECC Registered

Up to16GB, 8 slots

Expansion slot

One PCIe x8, two PCI-X 133, two PCI-X 133/100, one SODIMM for Adaptec ASR2025S ZCR card

One 64bit / 133 MHz PCI-X

One mini- PCI Socket for ASMB2 card

Onboard chip

Two Broadcom PCI Express BCM5721 Gigabit Ethernet


12×13 inches, EEB 3.51 compliant

Source: Company, compiled by DigiTimes, October 2005

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