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Tongwei setting up 5GWp solar cell plant in western China

Nov 27, 11:14

China-based Tongwei Group has begun establishing a crystalline silicon solar cell factory in Chengdu City, western China. The factory will have annual production capacity of 5GWp, including 1GWp for monocrystalline solar cells, and 1GWp of the capacity will come into operation in 2016, according to...

LONGi to supply 300MWp PV modules to CMNE, say reports

Nov 25, 15:11

Xi'an LONGi Silicon Materials has won procurement orders for 300MWp PV modules made of mono-Si cells from China Minsheng New Energy (CMNE), according to China-based media reports.

CGN to procure 600MWp PV modules in December

Nov 25, 12:19

China General Nuclear Power Group (CGN), a state-run utility firm that has extended from nuclear power to renewable energy, has announced open bids in December 2015 to procure 600MWp PV modules in total, according to China-based media reports.

Jiangsu Aide Solar Energy Technology sees booming orders for PV modules

Nov 23, 21:35

Jiangsu Aide Solar Energy Technology, Taiwan-based rectifier diode maker Pan Jit International's PV module subsidiary maker based in eastern China, has obtained many OEM orders with shipments scheduled through May 2016, according to Pan Jit.

Gigastorage obtains orders with shipments slated through end of 1Q16

Nov 17, 15:09

Solar wafer maker Gigastorage has received orders with shipments scheduled through the end of the first quarter of 2016, according to the company.

Giga Solar to ship over 450 tons of PV silver paste in 2015

Nov 17, 12:14

Giga Solar Materials expects to ship more than 450 tons of PV silver paste in 2015, roughly double the shipments in 2014, according to company president Cafer Huang.

Overseas capacity expansion will cause moderate price slide across PV supply chain in 2016, says EnergyTrend

Nov 16, 22:11

The downward revision of income tax credit for photovoltaic systems for 2016 in the US has resulted in a general installation boom, which is prolonged by the planned feed-in tariff (FiT) reduction by the China government. The global PV demand is therefore expected to remain strong and generally unaffected...

Taiwan PV installation capacity estimated at 150-200MWp in 2015

Nov 16, 15:59

The total installation capacity for rooftop PV systems and PV power-generating stations established in Taiwan in 2015 will reach 150-200MWp, far short of the target of 500MWp set by the Bureau of Energy (BOE), according to industry sources.

Motech subsidiary invests in China-based PV module maker

Nov 16, 11:17

Solar cell maker Motech Industries' subsidiary Motech (Suzhou) Renewable Energy in eastern China will invest CNY11.4 million (US$1.78 million) for a 19% stake in Jinzhou Yangguang Motech Renewable Energy, a China-based PV module maker and PV EPC (engineering, procurement, construction) undertaker,...

TSMC Solar sells CIGS equipment

Nov 13, 14:38

TSMC Solar has sold its production equipment to Gold Sun Technology, a Taiwan-based supplier of LED and PV materials and trader of secondhand LED and PV equipment, at NT$505 million (US$15.5 million), according to industry sources.

Inventec optimistic about its product lines in 2016

Nov 13, 11:28

With a strong financial report for the third quarter, Inventec is optimistic about its performance in 2016 and expects its notebook and server shipments to both achieve on-year growth, while handheld mobile device shipments will rise from 50-60 million units to 70 million units. The company's two solar...

Tongwei to set up 5GWp solar cell plant in China

Nov 12, 11:47

China-based Tongwei Group will hold a groundbreaking ceremony for a crystalline silicon solar cell factory in Chengdu, western China, on November 18, according to PV industry sources in Taiwan.

Neo Solar Power, GET continue to see losses in 3Q15

Stockwatch - Nov 12, 11:38

Solar cell maker Neo Solar Power and solar wafer maker Green Energy Technology (GET) have released their respective third-quarter 2015 financial reports, showing they continued to see operating losses.

Giga Solar to float US$125 million overseas convertible bonds

Nov 12, 11:30

PV conductive paste maker Giga Solar Materials has decided to issue overseas zero-interest unsecure convertible bonds of up to five years with total value of US$125 million.

Record photovoltaic module production and shipments forecast through 1H16, says IHS

Nov 11, 14:42

Strong solar photovoltaic (PV) production and shipments are forecast during the first half of 2016, due to installation deadlines, sunsetting solar tax credits and other policy dynamics of the two largest global solar markets, China and the US. Global solar PV installations are forecast to increase...

Inventec to combine 2 PV subsidiaries

Nov 11, 11:28

Notebook and hand-held device ODM Inventec has revealed it will merge two of its subsidiaries, PV module maker Inventec Energy and polysilicon solar cell maker Inventec Solar Energy, looking to integrate their technology and R&D resources.

SAS, GlobalWafers report profits for January-September

Nov 10, 11:28

Solar wafer maker Sino-American Silicon Products (SAS) and its subsidiary GlobalWafers, which makes semiconductor-grade wafers, have released their third-quarter 2015 financial reports, with their respective EPS standing at NT$0.86 and NT$4.56 for January-September.

Gintech 3Q15 operations turn profitable

Stockwatch - Nov 10, 11:17

Crystalline silicon solar cell maker Gintech Energy has released its third-quarter 2015 financial report, with business operations swinging from the red for the first half of the year into net operating profit of NT$227 million (US$6.9 million).

AD/CVD ruling and overseas capacity expansions are variables to the current PV boom, says EnergyTrend

Nov 9, 22:48

China's National Reform and Development Commission has announced that there will be no significant reduction in feed-in tariff (FiT) rates for the country's photovoltaic (PV) power plants in 2016. In its report on improving FiT policies for onshore wind and PV electricity, the commission states that...

Motech, Gintech, SAS see mixed October revenues

Stockwatch - Nov 9, 14:36

Crystalline silicon solar cell maker Motech Industries saw October consolidated revenues of NT$2.584 billion (US$79.5 million) increase 1.76% on month and 66.74% on year, while fellow Gintech Energy had those of NT$1.395 billion, up 0.59% and 54.39. Meanwhile, solar-grade crystalline silicon wafer...

SunEdison cuts orders for Taiwan solar cells

Nov 6, 11:12

US-based PV EPC (engineering, procurement, construction) contractor SunEdison has decreased orders placed with Taiwan-based solar cell makers by over 30%, according to industry sources.

Neo Solar, Giga Solar see October revenues increase

Nov 6, 11:09

Solar cell maker Neo Solar Power has reported consolidated revenues of NT$2.410 billion (US$74.2 million) for October, increasing 27.29% on month and 17.14% on year. PV conductive paste maker Giga Solar Materials' October consolidated revenues reached NT$1.608 billion, hitting a monthly record for...

Gintech signs with Portugal-based Martifer Solar, MPrime

Nov 4, 11:40

Solar cell maker Gintech Energy has signed with Portugal-based Martifer Solar and MPrime Solar for exclusive sales agent rights for Gintech-produced PV modules in France, Portugal and Italy each.

Yingli Green Energy begins developing 20MW project portfolio in Turkey

Nov 3, 22:13

Yingli Green Energy has announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary, Yingli Green Energy Europe has partnered with Motif Proje ve Insaat Ltd. Sti (Motif Proje), one of Turkey's first renewable energy consulting partners, to develop a 20MW PV project pipeline in Turkey. Motif Proje focuses on developing...

China to lower feed-in tariffs for PV, wind power generation in 2016-2020

Nov 3, 14:07

The China government has drawn up tentative feed-in tariff rates for on-grid PV power-generating stations and distributed PV systems as well as land-based wind power-generating farms during the 13th Five-year Plan period (2016-2020), with rates to be gradually reduced from current levels by 10-20%...

Motech 3Q15 operations turn profitable

Nov 3, 11:17

Solar cell maker Motech Industries has released its financial report for the third quarter of 2015, with business operations swinging from the red into profitability.

Solartech Energy sees increased October revenues

Nov 2, 20:35

Crystalline silicon solar cell maker Solartech Energy on November 2 reported consolidated revenues of NT$1.064 billion (US$32.8 million) for October, increasing 11.77% on month and 63.59% on year, and those of NT$8.157 billion for January-October, growing 2.45% on year.

Taiwan solar cell makers trialing China-produced PV silver paste

Oct 28, 12:01

Taiwan-based crystalline silicon solar cell makers have begun trials of PV silver paste from 2-3 China-based makers, raising the chance of breaking the existing dominance of Samsung SDI, DuPont, Germany-based Heraeus Holding and Taiwan-based Giga Solar Materials in the China and Taiwan markets in 2016,...

Global mono-Si wafer capacity expected to exceed 14GW in 2015, says report

Oct 26, 15:59

Soaring demand from China, Japan and the US ensures that the first-tier photovoltaic (PV) module manufacturers are booked in orders up to the first quarter of 2016. Currently, prices are rising for all multi-Si products from wafers to cells and modules, with wafers having the largest increase due to...

Gintech, TSEC turn profitable in 3Q15

Stockwatch - Oct 23, 15:09

Crystalline silicon solar cell makers Gintech Energy and TSEC saw their third-quarter 2015 business swing to profits.

SAS offers free patent licensing

Oct 23, 14:37

Solar-grade crystalline silicon wafer maker Sino-American Silicon Products (SAS) on October 22 announced the availability of free licensing for its patent No. 1452185 concerning the structure and manufacturing process of solar-grade crystalline silicon ingots and wafers to Taiwan-based fellow makers...

Prices for solar-grade polycrystalline silicon wafers may rise in November

Oct 23, 11:52

Prices for a solar-grade polycrystalline silicon wafers have risen to US$0.835-0.840 currently due to strong demand, and are likely to further rise to US$0.85-0.87 in November, according to industry sources.

EU mulls adjusting minimum import price for China-made PV products

Oct 22, 11:39

EU ProSun, a joint initiative of Europe-based PV companies led by Germany-based SolarWorld AG, has requested the European Union (EU) to exclude prices for China-made PV products from NYSE (New York Stock Exchange) BNEF (Bloomberg New Energy Finance) Global Solar Energy Index in a bid to upward adjust...

Giga Solar, Samsung SDI in hot competition in China market of PV silver paste

Oct 22, 11:35

Taiwan-based PV conductive paste maker Giga Solar Materials has been intensely competing with Samsung SDI for the largest market share for PV silver paste in the China market, according to industry sources in Taiwan.

Tight supply of solar wafers may remain till March 2016, say Taiwan makers

Oct 19, 23:03

Supply of solar-grade crystalline silicon wafers, due to heating demand for setting up PV power-generating stations and distributed PV systems in China, has been in tight supply and the shortage is likely to continue until March 2016, according to Taiwan-based crystalline silicon solar cell makers.

Giga Solar expects 20-30% growth in 2016 revenues

Oct 16, 11:04

PV conductive paste maker Giga Solar Materials expects 2016 consolidated revenues to increase 20-30% on year, according to the company.

Global new installed energy storage systems for renewable energy integration power capacity expected to reach 12.7GW in 2025, says firm

Oct 16, 10:57

Variable renewable energy, or renewable energy sources that are non-dispatchable due to a fluctuating nature, like wind power and solar photovoltaics (PV), continues to proliferate, creating challenges to the electrical grid, which was designed using a centralized model with predictable power flows...

PERC mono-Si PV modules to cost lower than poly-Si ones in 2017, says LONGi president

Oct 15, 16:20

Performance costs for PV modules made of PERC (passivated emitter and rear cell) monocrystalline silicon solar cells will be lower than those for PV modules made of PERC polycrystalline ones in 2017, according to president Li Zhenguo for China-based solar-grade mono-Si wafer maker Xi'an LONGi Silicon...

Global solar photovoltaics plus energy storage nanogrid revenues expected to reach US$23.1 billion in 2024, says report

Oct 15, 13:56

Partnerships between solar PV companies and energy storage system (ESS) providers have increased rapidly, with their synergies giving way to a related nanogrid market. Nanogrids, small, modular distribution networks, are considered the antithesis of the bigger-is-better economies of scale thinking...

SAS adopts Heraeus-developed PV front-side silver paste

Oct 14, 13:58

Solar-grade crystalline silicon wafer maker Sino-American Silicon Products (SAS) has adopted PV front-side silver paste developed by Germany-based Heraeus Holding GmbH, according to SAS at an October 13 press conference for the PV Taiwan 2015 exhibition and conference taking place in Taipei during...

China to continue PV feed-in tariff subsidization over next 8-10 years, says NEA

Oct 14, 12:10

China will continue subsidization for PV power generation based on feed-in tariff rates over the next 8-10 years but will focus the subsidization on distributed PV systems, according to the National Energy Administration (NEA).

Solar cell prices may rise in 4Q15, says Motech CEO

Oct 14, 12:00

Viewing that Taiwan- and China-based crystalline silicon solar cell makers have seen tight supply due to strong demand, and that the China government has hiked target total PV installation capacity for 2015 from 17.8GWp to 23.1GWp, there will be room for solar cell prices to rise in the fourth quarter,...

With Asia and US deployments rising, global 2015 solar PV forecast estimated at 59 GW, says IHS

Oct 13, 22:58

Global solar photovoltaic (PV) demand will reach 59GW in 2015, according to IHS. The company now expects global solar installations to grow by 33% in 2015, which is the fastest growth rate since 2011.

Foxconn Electronics procuring solar cells

Oct 13, 15:22

EMS provider Foxconn Electronics (Hon Hai Precision Industry) has been procuring crystalline silicon solar cells produced by 3-4 China- and Taiwan-based makers, according to industry sources.

TSEC September revenues down sequentially

Oct 13, 11:39

Solar cell maker TSEC has reported consolidated revenues of NT$593 million (US$18 million) for September, dropping 15.67% sequentially but growing 13.90% on year.

Neo Solar Power offers PERC monocrystalline silicon solar cell Black 21

Oct 12, 20:34

Neo Solar Power has offered Black 21, a PERC (passivated emitter and rear cell) monocrystalline silicon solar cell model with an energy conversion rate of 21.1%, and will have it certified by potential clients at the end of 2015 and then start production, according to the company.

Hulk Energy obtains IEC, UL certification for Cigs-3000 series PV module

Oct 12, 14:57

CIGS thin-film PV module maker Hulk Energy Technology has obtained IEC 61646, IEC 61730 and UL 703 certification, and it also passed UL Type 1 fire-retardant testing for its Cigs-3000 series models, according to the company.

Motech Industries, Tainergy Tech September revenues up

Stockwatch - Oct 8, 15:31

Crystalline silicon solar cell maker Motech Industries saw consolidated revenues of NT$2.539 billion (US$77.2 million) for September increase 11.77% on month and 63.57% on year, while fellow maker Tainergy Tech had those of NT$854 million, hitting a monthly record with growth of 23.78% on month and...

Gintech revenues drop in September due to capacity relocation

Oct 7, 11:43

Solar cell maker Gintech Energy has reported consolidated revenues of NT$1.387 billion (US$42.2 million) for September, falling 3.37% on month but rising 31.63% on year.

Giga Solar Materials September revenues hit record

Oct 6, 12:08

PV conductive paste maker Giga Solar Materials has reported consolidated revenues of NT$1.589 billion (US$48.3 million) for September, hitting a monthly record for the sixth consecutive month with sequential growth of 7.26% and on-year growth of 84.33%.

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