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Unimicron tops HDI capacity among Taiwan PCB makers

May 15, 16:04

Tripod Technology and Unimicron Technology took the lead in shipping HDI boards for CULV notebooks in April.

Nan Ya PCB begins shipments of HDI boards for CULV notebooks

May 14, 15:31

Nan Ya Printed Circuit Board (NPC) began shipments of high-density interconnect (HDI) boards for CULV notebooks this month and expects shipment volumes to increase progressively throughout...

Increasing graphics IC orders to benefit Taiwan backend companies in 2Q09

May 12, 17:11

Sales of Taiwan-based IC packaging and testing companies and IC substrate makers are expected to receive a boost for second-quarter performance, driven by improving orders for graphics...

PPT and NPC see FC substrate utilization up

Apr 6, 15:35

Global flip-chip (FC) substrate suppliers are expected to report shipment growth in March thanks to increased orders from Intel and AMD. Taiwan-based Phoenix Precision Technology...

IC substrate makers see utilization increase to 50%

Mar 23, 12:23

IC substrate makers Nan Ya Printed Circuit Board (NPC), Phoenix Precision Technology (PPT) and Unimicron Technology have all seen their order visibility extend to mid-April and utilization...

Taiwan court rejects PPT patent infringement claims against NPC

Newswatch - Mar 17, 10:01

Taiwan's intellectual property court has recently ruled in favor of Nan Ya Printed Circuit Board (NPC), who was accused by Phoenix Precision Technology (PPT) of infringing its patent...

IC backend suppliers see sales rebound on resumed orders

Mar 4, 16:27

IC substrate makers Phoenix Precision Technology (PPT) and Nan Ya Printed Circuit Board (NPC), and packaging house Greatek Electronics are all seeing improved utilization rates thanks...

Nan Ya PCB gains over NT$838 million in capital

Stockwatch - Feb 25, 17:08

Nan Ya Printed Circuit Board (NPC) has raised its capital to NT$57.2 billion (US$1.6 billion), after receiving NT$838.8 million from its parent company the Formosa Plastics Group,...

Taiwan IC substrate production value to grow only 2% this year, says report

Newswatch - Jan 20, 15:52

Taiwan IC substrate production value will grow 2% on year in 2009, while Taiwan's global market share is estimated to grow to 30.5%, to become the second largest IC substrate production...

PCB maker NPC sees December revenues drop over 50% on year

Jan 13, 01:05

Nan Ya Printed Circuit Board (NPC) reported December revenues of NT$1.9 billion (US$57.1 million), down 23.2% from NT$2.48 billion in November and down 53.8% on year, according to...

IC substrate maker PPT sales may decline less than rivals in 1Q09

Jan 8, 15:56

Due to sluggish market demand, IC substrate makers' performances in the first quarter of 2009 are expected to remain weak. Market observers expect Kinsus Interconnect Technology and...

IC substrate sales slumped in December 08 due to decline in handset and PC demand

Jan 6, 15:02

IC substrate makers saw weak performance in December 2008 due to a sharp decline in demand for consumer electronics, handsets and PC products. Phoenix Precision Technology (PPT) has...

IC substrate makers' utilization rates drop sharply in December

Dec 24, 14:16

IC substrate makers' utilization rates in December have dropped due to declining orders. Nan Ya Printed Circuit Board (NPC)'s utilization rate for flip-chip (FC) substrates has fallen...

Equipment maker Usun reported November revenues up by 18%

Dec 18, 16:52

Taiwan-based equipment maker Usun Technology has reported November revenues of NT$244.7 million (US$7.54 million), up 18% from NT$206.4 million in October, and up 23.4% on year. The...

SPIL and NPC see sharp sales decline in November

Dec 9, 12:41

November sales of Siliconware Precision Inudstry (SPIL) and Nan Ya Printed Circuit Board (NPC) declined significantly because of order shrinkage since the end of October, and market...

PCB industry to fall 15-25%, says NPC

Nov 21, 15:13

Nan Ya Printed Circuit Board (NPC) has forecast PCB industry sales are to fall 15-25% in the fourth quarter due to decreased retail demand for IT and communications products in the...

IC substrate makers expect 5-10% sales decline in 4Q

Nov 4, 11:52

A double-digit decline in fourth-quarter demand for packaging and testing products is expected due to weak orders for IC substrates. Institutional investors forecast Nan Ya Printed...

PCB maker NPC expected to see 10% sales decline in 4Q

Oct 24, 17:02

According to Nan Ya Printed Circuit Board (NPC), demand for traditional PCBs and wire-bonding substrates is falling but shipments of flip-chip (FC) substrates remains relatively strong...


NPC to cut prices 3-5% in Taiwan and up to 10% in China

Sep 25, 16:54

Nan Ya Printed Circuit Board (NPC) is planning to reduce prices by 3-5% in Taiwan and up to 10% in China from October, which will put pressure on the sales of other copper clad laminate...

FC shipments remain strong, but other IC substrate segments constraining overall growth

Sep 19, 16:49

Taiwan investors forecast that sales for IC substrate makers in the third quarter will have only single-digit growth due to weak demand for wire bonding substrates and PCBs, which...

Nan Ya forecast to challenge NT$11 billion in 3Q08 sales on healthy flip-chip demand

Aug 27, 01:00

After enjoying strong performance in second quarter 2008, Nan Ya Printed Circuit Board (NPC) is optimistic about its third-quarter performance.

Taipei Court rejects PPT patent infringement accusation against NPC

Aug 14, 12:30

The two-year long patent dispute between Phoenix Precision Technology (PPT) and Nan Ya Printed Circuit Board (NPC) over plastic ball-grid array (PBGA) substrates has reached a temporary...

NPC to relocate wirebond capacity to China

Jul 29, 11:38

Having already identified flip-chip (FC) substrates as a key sales driver in 2008, Nan Ya Printed Circuit Board (NPC) plans to relocate its low-margin production to China in order...

NPC expects its FC substrate capacity to tighten in latter part of 3Q

Jul 25, 14:19

Nan Ya Printed Circuit Board (NPC) reiterated its strong sales guidance for the third quarter, indicating that it anticipates the utilization rate for its flip-chip (FC) substrate...

The launch of Centrino 2 to boost Taiwan supply chain, says paper

Newswatch - Jul 8, 14:51

Intel recently issued a notice that its Centrino 2 notebook platform (Montevina) will launch on July 15 in Taiwan. Industry players that form the platform's supply chain in Taiwan...

Nvidia contract makers in Taiwan low-key over defective chip reports

Jul 4, 14:20

Nvidia's Taiwan-based graphics chip contract makers are being low-key after the US chip designer informed investors on July 3 that will take a charge of US$150-$200 million related...

NPC sees better order visibility in 3Q

Jun 25, 15:43

Nan Ya Printed Circuit Board (NPC) is more optimistic about its third-quarter performance as order visibility has improved, according to company executives during a June 24 shareholders...


NPC to see utilization rate increase to 95% in 3Q08

Jun 20, 01:05

Taiwan-based flip chip (FC) substrate maker Nan Ya Printed Circuit Board (NPC) is expected to see its utilization rate reach 95% in the third quarter, with the proportion of production...

IC substrate suppliers upbeat about 3Q

Jun 18, 01:00

Taiwan-based IC substrate suppliers are mostly optimistic about the third quarter, with Nan Ya Printed Circuit Board (NPC) and Kinsus Interconnect Technology expecting strong sequential...

Weak consumer electronics and PC demand to result in low sequential sales growth in 2Q, says NPC

May 23, 16:22

In light of weak demand trend for both consumer electronics and PCs in the second quarter of 2008, Nan Ya Printed Circuit Board (NPC) estimates corresponding quarterly sales growth...

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