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If you can be number one in China you can be number one in the world: Q&A with Freescale senior VP Henri Richard

Jul 18, 11:23

During the recent Freescale Technology Forum (FTF) in the US, company senior VP, chief sales and marketing officer Henri Richard noted that one of the great pleasures he has had since...

Freescale senior VP Henri Richard

Opportunity and challenge in China semi inspection and metrology market: Q&A with KLA-Tencor China president Su Hua

Jul 15, 12:12

With China being one of the key hubs for semiconductor production and key market for semiconductor sales, leading process control and yield management tool supplier KLA-Tencor believes...

KLA-Tencor China president Su Hua

Rohm & Haas ready for 18-inch wafer and new process migration: Q&A with president of microelectronic technologies James Fahey

Jul 11, 13:50

While number-one semiconductor equipment supplier Applied Materials projects that semiconductor companies will trim their capital expenditure (capex) by 40% in 2008, and some leading...

Rohm & Haas president of microelectronics

From Hollywood to your digital life: Q&A with Dolby marketing vice president Francois Modarresse

Jun 25, 10:45

The "Dolby" logo is deep-rooted in every cinema goer's mind, with the logo signifying a guarantee of a lively audio experience. Dolby Laboratories has also made moves to...

Dolby marketing VP

Q&A with Dennis Chen, chairman of LED chipmaker Huga Optotech

Jun 23, 15:54

While upstream LED companies did not see their revenues grow as much as expected in the first half of this year, LED chipmaker Huga, founded by Inventec and Yulon, maintained growth...

Huga chairman Dennis Chen

No plan for 450mm wafer migration yet: Q&A with Chartered CEO Song-Hwee Chia

Jun 18, 15:00

With Intel, Samsung Electronics and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) having recently reached an agreement on 450mm wafer production, Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing,...


Own brand strategy: Q&A with TPV Group vice president CH Tuan

Jun 10, 11:53

TPV Technology's own monitor brand AOC overtook Samsung Electronics as the number one monitor brand in China in the first quarter of 2008 and TPV aims to ship a total of 11.5 million...

TPV Group vice president CH Tuan

Daily silicon: Q&A with Gary Homan, VP of Hemlock Semiconductor

Jun 10, 10:50

What is going on in the polysilicon industry? It is common knowledge that silicon is the second most abundant element in the Earth's crust (after oxygen) and the third in the planet's...

Interview with Dr. Chii-Ming Yiin, Taiwan's Minister of Economic Affairs

Jun 10, 01:20

Digitimes recently had the opportunity to interview Taiwan's new Economics Minister Dr. Chii-Ming Yiin, to discuss current issues being handled by Taiwan's Ministry of Economic Affairs...

Dr. Chii-Ming Yiin, Taiwan's Minister of Economic Affairs<br>

Trends in storage, the economy and network: Comments from LSI CEO Abhi Talwalkar

Jun 9, 14:41

LSI was founded in 1981 as an ASIC company that did service functions, which meant basically it turned others companies' IP into silicon. The company did that for more than 20 years,...

LSI CEO Abhijit (Abhi) Talwalkar

Trends in the Wi-Fi industry: An interview with Michael Hurlson of Broadcom

Jun 9, 11:17

Just before Broadcom spoke at the Computex CE Summit on June 4, Digitimes had the opportunity to chat with Michael Hurlson, vice president and general manager for the Home and Wireless...

Michael Hurlson, vice president at Broadcom

Intel is ready for MID challenge: Q&A with Anand Chandrasekher, manager of Intel ultra mobility group

Jun 6, 15:17

With Nvidia recently revealing its Tegra processor for mobile computer products to challenge Intel's Atom platform on MIDs (Mobile Internet Devices), Digitimes took the opportunity...

Anand Chandrasekher, manager of Intel ultra mobility group

Ubiquitous media connectivity: A discussion with Alice Chang, CEO of CyberLink

Jun 6, 01:15

Improvement in PC hardware in recent years has helped spur the development, creation and manipulation of multimedia, especially video. CyberLink is well known for its multimedia software...

Cyberlink CEO Alice Chang

WiMAX is an opportunity for Taiwan to become leading total solutions provider: Interview with John Hsuan, vice chairman of UMC

Jun 5, 15:12

John Hsuan, vice chairman of United Microelectronic Corporation (UMC) and concurrently chairman of Siliconware Precision Industries (SPIL), is a 30-year veteran of the Taiwan IT industry...

John Hsuan, vice chairman of UMC

Profitability more important than ranking: Q&A with UTAC president and CEO JC Lee

May 30, 17:42

Being one of the top-ten IC packaging and testing companies in terms of sales, United Test and Assembly Center (UTAC) stresses the importance of profitability rather than ranking,...

UTAC president and CEO JC Lee

A focused CMOS image sensor maker: Q&A with OmniVision sales VP Ray Cisneros

May 21, 15:29

Despite the CMOS image sensor market undergoing a structural change, as evident in Micron Technology spinning off its CMOS image sensor unit as Aptina Imaging, as well as the rising...

Ray Cisneros, vice president of sales at Omnivision

Distributing NXP ICs is "easy": Q&A with NXP Asia Pacific sales and marketing VP TL Chow

May 20, 11:32

Soon after meeting with distributors in the Asia Pacific region, NXP Semiconductors Asia Pacific sales and marketing vice president, TL Chow met with Digitimes and shared his comments...

NXP Asia Pacific sales and marketing VP TL Chow

Well-positioned for an audio IC boom: Q&A with Wolfson CEO Dave Shrigley

May 16, 15:20

Seeing demand for good quality audio performance penetrating a wide array of consumer electronics, Wolfson Microelectronics, a leading-player in the high-end audio solution market,...

Wolfson CEO Dave Shrigley

Pursuit of a 100% on-year sales growth in 2008: Q&A with PTMD general manager Tom Lei

May 14, 15:21

Despite the price plunge in NAND flash dragging PTMD, a joint-venture between ProMOS Technologies and China Potevio Company on memory card sales, into losses in the first quarter...

PTMD general manager Tom Lei

From ASIC to CSSP: Q&A with QuickLogic Greater China sales director David Kuo

May 12, 17:22

David Kuo, sales director for QuickLogic in Greater China, emphasized that QuickLogic will shift its focus from field-programmable gate array (FPGA) to customer specific standard...

QuickLogic Greater China sales director David Kuo

Pegatron needs more time: Q&A with Denese Yao, spokesperson for Pegatron and Unihan

Apr 29, 15:31

A quarter has passed since Asustek Computer spun-off its ODM business, however, there are still many questions surrounding the roles the two spun-off companies will play in the market...

Denese Yao, spokesperson of Pegatron and Unihan

A "Renaissance" in IC testing and packaging: Q&A with ASE R&D chief officer Ho-Ming Tong

Apr 24, 16:08

Already holding a secure foothold in the flip-chip (FC) IC packaging sector, Advanced Semiconductor Engineering (ASE) believes that a Renaissance in the testing and packaging industry...

ASE R&D chief officer

Taiwan WiMAX deal with Intel a new beginning: Q&A with Ho Mei-yueh, chairperson of CEPD

Apr 24, 15:23

Ho Mei-yueh, chairperson of Taiwan's Council for Economic Planning and Development (CEPD), helped initiate the development of the WiMAX industry in Taiwan in 2002. Ho played an important...

Ho Mei-yueh, chairperson of Taiwan's Council for Economic Planning and Development (CEPD)

Fair business environment necessary: Q&A with Tessera COO Mike Bereziuk

Apr 23, 15:55

Starting from the second half of 2007, Tessera Technologies filed a series of lawsuits with leading semiconductor companies, including Advanced Semiconductor Engineering (ASE), ChipMOS...

Tessera COO

Hello Mr Chips: Q&A with former Korean Minister of Information amd Communication, Chin Dae-je

Apr 17, 11:04

Few people have enjoyed the success in both the private and public sector that IT maverick Chin Dae-je has had over the past 20 years. After returning to his native South Korea two...

Dr Chin Dae-je, former Minister of Korea's Ministry of Information

MEMS microphone is a business of dedication and diversification: Q&A with Akustica sales VP Michael E Elchik

Apr 3, 16:44

As a leading micro electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) microphone maker, Akustica has established a solid foothold quickly. Company vice president of sales, Michael E Elchik, attributes...

Akustica sales VP

Pursuit of market share and sales growth to be consistent: Q&A with Freescale sales and marketing senior VP Henri Richard

Mar 28, 10:30

Freescale Semiconductor has built success on its micro-controller unit (MCU) deployment, but the aggressive push from Motorola has prompted concern among market watchers about whether...

Freescale sales and marketing senior VP Henri Richard

Handset demand growth in China promising: Q&A with NXP Greater China VP Stephen Lin

Mar 27, 14:57

Having an early presence in the China TD-SCDMA chip solution market, NXP Semiconductors reiterates its confidence about the penetration of the TD-SCDMA standard in China in 2008 amid...

NXP Greater China VP Stephen Lin

MEMS market growth to beat expectations: Q&A with TSMC mainstream technology business development director George Liu

Mar 21, 15:05

In contrast to the interpretation of marketers that micro electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) is a niche market/process, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), the world's...

TSMC mainstream technology business development director George Lin

The prospects for medium-size-panels: Q&A with HannStar Display president David Joe

Mar 18, 15:07

HannStar Display, whose second 3G LCD panel plant has just been taken over by Wintek, has recently been dogged by rumors that it is also seeking to sell off its 5G plant (or 5.3G...

HannStar Display president David Joe

Merger as key to growth: Q&A with GM of analog IC design house GMT

Mar 18, 11:54

The announcement at the end of February that Taiwan analog IC designer Global Mixed-mode Technology (GMT) had reached a merger agreement with Aimtron Technology shook Taiwan's IC...

Silicon Laboratories expects strong growth in MCU business this year: Q&A with VP Derrell Coker

Mar 14, 01:00

Although analogue-intensive and mixed-signal IC designer Silicon Laboratories entered the MCU (micro control unit) market less than five years ago, the fabless company was able to...

Derrell Coker, Vice President of Silicon Laboratories

Snowstorms spur communications infrastructure demand in China: Q&A with Frank Liang, general manager of Greater China at Broadcom

Mar 13, 01:00

In recent years, Broadcom has seen its sales in China's domestic market grow at an accelerating pace. In order to cater to the demands of its ever-increasing clientele in the China...

Frank Liang, Broadcom general manager of Greater China

China domestic demand still strong: Q&A with NXP regional executive for Greater China, Mike Yeh

Mar 12, 15:13

While seeing demand for electronics in China not being dampen by heavy snows that fell there, NXP Semiconductors has a positive outlook for demand prior to the Olympics Games and...


Capacity expansion not the sole criteria to judge competitiveness: Q&A with Green Energy president Hurlon Lin, part II

Mar 11, 16:45

After seeing first-quarter 2007 sales dampened by a fire incident in late 2006, Green Energy Technology has not taken a long time to become a leading solar-grade silicon wafer supplier...

Green Energy president Hurlon Lin
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Greater China touch panel shipment forecast through 2015
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    This Special Report provides forecasts through 2015 for Greater China touch panel shipments with breakdowns based on technology (glass, film, resistive), application (smartphone, NB and tablet) and by firm.

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