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DIGITIMES Research is the research arm of DIGITIMES Inc., Taiwan's leading high-tech media outlet. Operating as an independent business unit, DIGITIMES Research focuses on monitoring key high-tech industries, while also guiding clients toward suitable new businesses. Digitimes provides market intelligence and analysis to more than 1000 corporate customers worldwide. Research and consulting services cover a full range of industries, including information and communications technology (ICT), flat panel display (FPD), LEDs, semiconductor design and manufacturing.

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Digitimes Research leverages its close relationship with the Taiwan high-tech supply chain and knowledge of the Greater China market to provide key market intelligence for industry players.

Digitimes provides research in a variety of formats - including database services, extended research reports and real-time analysis to deliver comprehensive coverage of the high-tech industry supply chain.

Annual data services

Delivered on a quarterly basis, data services focus on shipments of products for the past and future quarters, providing customers with knowledge of not only where the market is, but where it is heading.

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Market insights

Research notes delivered on a frequent basis, articles include blog posts and analysis of key events that will shape the direction of the industry.

Special reports

Digitimes Research Special Reports focus on new and up-and coming topics that are the focus of the Greater China high-tech industries. Topics can include new technologies, developing industries in China, and government strategies to foster growth in the region.

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Value proposition

As the research arm of DIGITIMES, Digitimes Research maintains a close relationship with a broad scope of industry professionals, from engineers, sales, procurement managers, to executives in the Greater China region supply chain for various industries, including Research information and communications technology (ICT), flat panel display (FPD), LEDs, semiconductor design and manufacturing.

The multiplier effect. With our research focused higher up in the supply chain, market intelligence gained from Digitimes Research provides actionable insights to help companies respond quickly to changes and developments coming in the market and thus reap even greater rewards once changes finally hit the downstream market.

With global firms looking to cut costs, it makes sense to outsource research to professionals so that your strategic planning does not suffer. Use Digitimes Research as your personal research assistant. We are more cost effective and deliver better results than most in-house research staff. And if you do perform research in house, let Digitimes Research provide a disinterested outside opinion so that you can better gauge your own results.

Nothing beats being close to where the action is and nothing beats quantitative research. No major market research firm has more researchers in Taiwan and China than Digitimes Research and our research focuses on data, shipments and pricing – things that can be measured and enhance your own planning strategies.

Pay for what you need. Whether you want to focus on one industry or market or many. Digitimes Research will provide the right bundled package to fit your needs.

Get an edge in the market. The Greater China region is one of the fastest growing and biggest market for both the high tech supply chain and for demand for high-tech products. Leverage the expertise of Digitimes so that you can implement your best business plan, whether it is for sourcing or selling, in the Greater China region.

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Global notebook shipment forecast, 2017 and beyond
China AMOLED panel capacity expansion forecast, 2016-2020
Global notebook shipment forecast, 2017 and beyond

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  • China AMOLED panel capacity expansion forecast, 2016-2020

    This Digitimes Research Special Report examines the China AMOLED industry, focusing on the expansion capacity of the makers, the current implementation plans of major smartphone vendors in the market and the technological hurdles faced by the China makers.

  • Global AP demand forecast, 2017-2020

    Digitimes Research expects global AP shipments to surpass the 1.9 billion mark in 2017, with smartphones remaining the main application. Qualcomm will be leading the market in 2017, as other players continue playing catch up and scramble for funds to invest in more diverse applications.

  • Global notebook shipment forecast, 2017 and beyond

    This Digitimes Special Report examines key factors in the notebook industry, including products, vendors and ODMs, that will affect total shipments in 2017 and through 2021.