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    Taiwan LCD TVs - 3Q 2015

    TAIWAN DISPLAY SYSTEM | Nov 11, 14:55

    Taiwan-based makers saw significant shipment growths in the third quarter of 2015, as clients in Europe and North America prepared for the year-end shopping season.

    Taiwan large-size LCD panels – 3Q 2015

    TAIWAN LCD PANEL | Nov 9, 15:41

    Fast outpaced in capacity expansion by their China and Korea competitors, Taiwan-based large-size LCD panel makers have seen their worldwide market share declining.

    Taiwan LCD monitors - 3Q 2015

    TAIWAN DISPLAY SYSTEM | Nov 4, 11:35

    Seasonal demand will drive up monitor shipments in the fourth quarter. But the trend of decline in the mature monitor market is clear, judging from the on-year drops in shipments.

    Taiwan small- to mid-size LCD panels – 3Q 2015

    TAIWAN LCD PANEL | Nov 3, 15:09

    Taiwan makers are seeing growing competition in the small- to medium-size LCD panel market. Competition from Japan Display and China-based makers is heating up in the smartphone panel market amid a significant drop in shipments to the feature phone segment from...

    Taiwan notebooks – 3Q 2015

    TAIWAN MOBILE DEVICE | Nov 2, 15:27

    The launch of Windows 10 devices and the availability of Intel's Skylake-U processors shored up Taiwan makers' notebook shipments sequentially in the third quarter of 2015. But that cannot hide the fact that the notebook market in general continues to head towards...

    China smartphone AP shipments – 3Q 2015

    CHINA SMARTPHONE AP | Oct 30, 14:54

    According to Digitimes Research, after the low season in first-half 2015, demand for smartphones is expected to grow due to the upcoming shopping seasons in China, Europe and the US in second-half 2015. Due to this factor, many firms began preparing to stock...

    Taiwan handsets – 3Q 2015

    TAIWAN MOBILE DEVICE | Oct 27, 15:38

    Asustek was the only Taiwan-based handset brand vendor that saw shipment growth in the thrid quarter of 2015. Its shipments already surpassed those from HTC, the once top Taiwan smartphone brand who is now struggling.

    Taiwan LCD TVs – 2Q 2015

    TAIWAN DISPLAY SYSTEM | Aug 21, 14:47

    Taiwan-based LCD TV makers are seeing improving shipments. Among them, Foxconn Electronics (Hon Hai Precision Industry) will have the strongest shipment growth in the second half due to procurement orders from Mexico.

    Global tablet market – 2Q 2015

    GLOBAL TABLET | Aug 21, 12:11

    Digitimes Research saw global tablet shipments fall to 45.76 million units in second-quarter 2015, showing a 10% decrease on quarter and representing more than a 15% decrease on year.

    China smartphone market and industry – 2Q 2015

    CHINA SMARTPHONE | Aug 18, 15:33

    Smartphone sales in China no longer show any significant momentum for growth as the fast maturing market now increasingly relies on replacement demand from existing users.

    Taiwan handsets – 2Q 2015

    TAIWAN MOBILE DEVICE | Aug 18, 15:21

    Taiwan's handset shipments registered growth in second-quarter 2015 thanks to impressive increases in shipments from Asustek and Acer. The strong showing of Asustek was in sharp contrast to the problems haunting HTC, whose global vendor rankings continued to...

    Taiwan large-size LCD panels - 2Q 2015

    TAIWAN LCD PANEL | Aug 14, 15:18

    Taiwan makers saw a sharp decline in large-size (9-inch and above) TFT LCD panel shipments in the second quarter of 2015 as a result of weak demand for IT applications. Their TV panel shipments were relatively strong in the second quarter, but competition in...

    China smartphone AP shipments – 2Q 2015

    CHINA SMARTPHONE AP | Aug 13, 15:20

    China's smartphone AP shipments recovered in the second quarter of 2015, registering significant on-year growth after vendors had managed to digest their inventories in the previous quarter.

    Taiwan small- to mid-size LCD panels - 2Q 2015

    TAIWAN LCD PANEL | Aug 4, 16:14

    Handset applications have been the main output for Taiwan makers' small- to medium-size panel production. But the makers are shifting their focus from feature phone panels to smartphone ones.

    Taiwan LCD monitors – 2Q 2015

    TAIWAN DISPLAY SYSTEM | Jul 30, 15:17

    Taiwan's LCD monitor makers have been dogged by a downturn amid a weakening PC market. Competition from Korea and China players has also increased.

    Taiwan notebooks - 2Q 2015

    TAIWAN MOBILE DEVICE | Jul 24, 15:33

    The global notebook market remained sluggish in the second quarter of 2015. The seasonal pattern that has governed the notebook market previously will not appear in 2015, with Taiwan makers set to see on-year declines in the shipments during the second half of...

    Taiwan LCD TVs – 1Q 2015

    TAIWAN DISPLAY SYSTEM | May 22, 15:51

    Taiwan's LCD TV makers saw strong seasonal impacts in the first quarter of 2015. Shipments to North America saw a particularly sharp decline as a result of reduced procurement from Mexico and major client Toshiba quitting the North America market.

    Taiwan handsets – 1Q 2015

    TAIWAN MOBILE DEVICE | May 15, 15:58

    Most of Taiwan's handset makers felt strong seasonal effects in the first quarter. Foxconn suffered particularly as a result of drastic drops in orders from Sony Mobile and Microsoft Mobile.

    China smartphone market and industry – 1Q 2015

    CHINA SMARTPHONE | May 13, 10:56

    According to Digitimes Research's survey of the Mainland China smartphone supply chain, as well as other relative vendors, increased demand for Apple's new device models, Mainland China's high-end smartphone models experienced lackluster sales in the first quarter...

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