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Added capacity in China to drive down high-end smartphone panel pricing in 2016

Analysis | Feb 19, 17:02

In 2016, China's smartphone panel capacity is expected to increase steadily in 2016, as key makers Tianma Micro-electronics...

Taiwan small- to mid-size LCD panels – 4Q 2015

Quarterly report | Feb 4, 14:21

Taiwan's small-to-medium-size LCD panel shipments dropped 7.5% sequentially and 20.3% on year to reach 284.03 million units...

Taiwan sees decreased 4Q15 shipments of small- to medium-size panels

Analysis | Feb 1, 22:39

Taiwan-based makers shipped 284.026 million small- to medium-size TFT-LCD panels in the fourth quarter of 2015, decreasing...

Share of global large-size TFT LCD panel shipments dropped in 2015

Share of global large-size TFT LCD panel shipments dropped in 2015

Taiwan large-size LCD panels - 4Q 2015

Quarterly report | Jan 27, 15:27

Taiwan's share of global large-size TFT LCD panel shipments (9-inch and above) dropped in 2015 as competition from China makers intensified. Innolux managed to be the third largest TV panel maker in 2015, but AU Optronics (AUO) had to settle for fifth place, lagging behind fourth-place China-based BOE

    Taiwan large-size LCD panels – 3Q 2015

    Nov 9, 15:41

    Fast outpaced in capacity expansion by their China and Korea competitors, Taiwan-based large-size LCD panel makers have seen their worldwide market share declining.

    Taiwan small- to mid-size LCD panels – 3Q 2015

    Nov 3, 15:09

    Taiwan makers are seeing growing competition in the small- to medium-size LCD panel market. Competition from Japan Display and China-based makers is heating up in the smartphone panel market amid a significant...

    Taiwan large-size LCD panels - 2Q 2015

    Aug 14, 15:18

    Taiwan makers saw a sharp decline in large-size (9-inch and above) TFT LCD panel shipments in the second quarter of 2015 as a result of weak demand for IT applications. Their TV panel shipments were relatively...

    Taiwan small- to mid-size LCD panels - 2Q 2015

    Aug 4, 16:14

    Handset applications have been the main output for Taiwan makers' small- to medium-size panel production. But the makers are shifting their focus from feature phone panels to smartphone ones.

    Taiwan large-size LCD panels – 1Q 2015

    May 11, 15:44

    Weak demand in the monitor, notebook and tablet markets dampened Taiwan panel makers' shipments to the IT applications segments in the first quarter of 2015. Taiwan's monitor panel shipments now face particularly...

    Taiwan small- to mid-size LCD panels – 1Q 2015

    May 8, 15:06

    Taiwan's small- to medium-size panel makers are seeing intensifying competition from China makers, such as BOE and Tianma, who are aggressively expanding their LTPS panel capacities.

    Taiwan large-size LCD panels – 4Q 2014

    Feb 17, 11:23

    Taiwan-based makers saw their large-size TFT LCD panel shipments increase on year in fourth-quarter 2014, driven largely by demand for TV applications. But they are facing growing competition from China-based...

    Taiwan small- to mid-size LCD panels – 4Q 2014

    Feb 16, 15:11

    Major Taiwan-based suppliers of small- to medium-size LCD panels changed their production strategies in fourth-quarter 2014 as the industry entered the slow season amid sluggish demand for smartphone applications...

    Taiwan large-size LCD panels – 3Q 2014

    Nov 12, 11:32

    Taiwan saw significant increase in LCD TV panel shipments in third-quarter 2014. Ultra HD applications from Innolux were particularly strong. Innolux also became the worldwide number-one notebook panel supplier...

    Taiwan small- to mid-size LCD panels – 3Q 2014

    Nov 6, 15:40

    The third quarter is traditionally the peak season for the small- to medium-size panel industry. But overall shipments from Taiwan-based makers saw a decline in third-quarter 2014, as demand from China's smartphone...

      Display panels for wearable devices: Market overview and forecast through 2017

      Jul 23, 12:15

      The wearables market is a growing focal point for many vendors and players in the display panel supply chain. This Digitimes Research Special Report looks at developments in panel applications in the wearable...

      Developments in the UV LED industry

      Jul 16, 18:28

      As white LED applications are becoming more widely accepted and common in the market and China makers push more price-competitive solutions, the 2015 global high-brightness LED output value is expected to only...

      High-brightness LED market trends and forecast, 2015

      Mar 16, 17:50

      Digitimes Research forecasts that in 2015, the global high-brightness (HB) LED industry will have annual growth of 7.5% in terms of output, reaching US$13.7 billion. The total number of LEDs used will reach 186...

      Trends and forecasts for the China FPD industry, 2014-2017

      Oct 6, 12:29

      With China being the world's IT production center and a country with some of the strongest consumer demand, along with benefits on custom tax, funding, loans, and subsidies provided by the government, China's...

      Greater China touch panel shipment forecast through 2015

      Jan 24, 16:07

      This Digitimes Research Special Report outlines the key factors in the rapid growth of the touch-panel industry in Greater China in recent years, as well as the technology trends and industry relationships that...

      China's flat panel display industry outlook, 2013-2016

      Oct 15, 18:29

      This Digitimes Research Special Report outlines and analyzes the key trends and players that are influencing the continued development of China's large-size and small-to medium size TFT LCD panel industry, while...

      Global AIO PC shipment forecast and analysis, 2013

      Aug 2, 18:00

      Global all-in-one AIO PC shipments will increase 17.3% year-on-year in 2013, representing a big recovery from the 2.3% growth seen in 2012. However, the growth driver in the market will be Apple's iMac shipments...

      Trends in the upstream LED equipment and materials industries, 2H13

      Aug 2, 12:26

      This report examines the outlook for upstream, midstream and downstream sectors of the LED industry in 2013. The upstream sector, which includes MOCVD equipment, rare earth materials and sapphire substrates, is...

Taiwan server shipment forecast and industry analysis, 2016
Display panels for wearable devices
Analysis of China revised domestic semiconductor industry goals

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