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Taiwan LCD TVs – 4Q 2013

Quarterly report | Feb 25, 16:03

Taiwan's LCD TV shipments were boosted by seasonal demand in the fourth quarter of 2013. But the mature TV market prevented...

Taiwan LCD monitors – 4Q 2013

Quarterly report | Feb 25, 11:19

The fourth quarter is the traditional peak season for the LCD monitor market. But the industry is already a mature one...

Explaining the Chaiwan model for the mobile device supply chain: Q&A with Digitimes Research director Joanne Chien

Analysis | Feb 21, 12:08

While Digitimes is known as a media outlet, the company also includes a business unit that solely focuses on market research...

LCD panel

Taiwan's large-size TFT LCD panel shipments decreased 0.4% sequentially and 4.3% on year

Taiwan large-size LCD panels – 4Q 2013

Quarterly report | Feb 24, 15:40

Taiwan makers' large-size LCD panel shipments saw better growth than the worldwide average in 2013, as their Korea-based competitors reduced their notebook and monitor panel shipments that offered low profits. Taiwan's share of global large-size panel shipments rose in 2013 as a result.

    Taiwan small- to mid-size LCD panels – 4Q 2013

    Feb 7, 11:51

    For Taiwan's LCD makers, the seasonal pattern of the small- to medium-size panel industry was not obvious during fourth-quarter 2013, as demand from China remained strong ahead of the Lunar New Year holidays.

    Taiwan LCD monitors – 3Q 2013

    Nov 14, 15:38

    Taiwan's monitor makers are bracing for a weak second-half 2013 as end-market demand remains sluggish. Their shipments for the second half of the year are expected to be lower than those for the first half.

    Taiwan LCD TVs – 3Q 2013

    Nov 7, 15:12

    Orders from North America and Europe drove up Taiwan makers' LCD TV shipments sequentially in the third quarter. However, with the overall LCD TV market remaining weak, the Taiwan makers' shipments continued to...

    Taiwan small- to mid-size LCD panels – 3Q 2013

    Nov 5, 15:40

    Taiwan-based makers face growing competition from Japan- and Korea-based firms who are using more advanced panel lines to produce small- to medium-size applications. Some international handset vendors have shifted...

    Taiwan large-size LCD panels – 3Q 2013

    Nov 4, 15:31

    Weak demand in China's TV market took its toll on Taiwan's large-size TFT LCD panel shipments in the third quarter of 2013. Taiwan's makers will continue to see their large-size panel shipments drop in the fourth...

    Taiwan LCD monitors – 2Q 2013

    Aug 16, 16:04

    Taiwan's LCD monitor shipments grew sequentially in the second quarter of 2013 thanks for demand from China, and will continue to grow in the third quarter because of seasonality. But the on-year growth trend...

    Taiwan LCD TVs – 2Q 2013

    Aug 16, 10:02

    Taiwan makers saw their combined LCD TV shipments shrink in the second quarter of 2013 amid generally weak demand in the TV market. But their shipments will increase 20.2% sequentially to reach 9.34 million units...

    Taiwan small- to mid-size LCD panels – 2Q 2013

    Aug 14, 16:12

    Demand from China's smartphone market drove up small- to medium-size TFT LCD panel shipments from Taiwan by 3.4% sequentially in the second quarter of 2013, during which handset applications remained the largest...

    Taiwan large-size LCD panels – 2Q 2013

    Aug 9, 16:02

    Taiwan makers' large-size TFT LCD panel shipments (9-inch and larger) increased sequentially in the second quarter of 2013, as they managed to receive more orders for PC applications amid Korea- and China-based...

    Taiwan LCD TVs – 1Q 2013

    Jun 10, 15:49

    Taiwan-based LCD TV makers saw a steep fall in first-quarter 2013 shipments, which dropped below eight million units. The last time shipments came under eight million units was the second quarter of 2010.

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