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DIGITIMES regularly interviews leading industry executives, inviting them to talk frankly about the technology issues and the business challenges of our rapidly changing industry. We always welcome the opportunity to discuss industry trends and issues face-to-face, via email or during a conference call.

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  • Q&A: Asustek chairman talks about business expansion

    Friday 7 October 2005

    Jonney Shih, chairman and CEO of Asustek Computer, recently had a chance to talk to DigiTimes about recent actions in line with its business enhancement strategy. The motherboard giant recently acquired...

  • Epson: High resolution and low prices are the future trends for projectors

    Friday 7 October 2005

    Seiko Epson recently released several new LCD projectors in Taiwan, with one of the models using its newest “D5” panel. DigiTimes had the opportunity to talk with Akira Suzuki, director of LCD Business Development...

  • Consumer multimedia and the digital home: Q&A with YU Lee of STMicroelectronics

    Wednesday 21 September 2005

    As a “classical” IDM, with some 50,000 employees, STMicroelectronics is strongly positioned to be a major supplier of electronics for consumer multimedia and the digital home. That’s not to say that “ST”...

  • Nvidia C51 to help grab integrated chipset market

    Friday 16 September 2005

    Drew Henry, General Manager of Nvidia Platform Products Division, recently sat down with DigiTimes and talked about the prospects for Nvidia’s upcoming integrated chipset series, the C51.

  • Goodbye RioWorks, hello Arima!

    Friday 5 August 2005

    Having moved most of its manufacturing to Wujiang in China’s Jiangsu Province (about 20km from Suzhou and 60km from Shanghai), Taipei-headquartered Arima Computer is already phasing out the RioWorks brand name that...

  • Supplying storage solutions: Q&A with Acard Technology

    Tuesday 2 August 2005

    Acard Technology is best known for its SCSIDE bridge solution, which allows IDE, and now SATA, drives to be aggregated on a SCSI interface. This allows mass data storage solutions that have all the virtues of SCSI without...

  • Next-generation Wi-Fi from Metalink: Q&A with VP David Pereg

    Wednesday 27 July 2005

    Headquartered in Israel, with design centers in both the US and Israel, Metalink Broadband is moving ahead with wireless LAN at the 802.11n standard and recently announced a new chipset family designed to support video...

  • Talking to Mentor: Q&A with Johnny Chang of Mentor Graphics

    Friday 22 July 2005

    Measured in purely financial terms, Mentor Graphics is not as large as its two nearest neighbors at the top of the EDA industry. Nevertheless, Mentor is an acknowledged EDA leader. The company has managed to consolidate...

  • A briefing on the Blackfin: Q&A with Analog Devices

    Tuesday 12 July 2005

    Analog Devices’ Blackfin processor is an unusual design that combines control processing and digital signal processing on the same chip. Jointly developed with Intel, the Blackfin is now being designed into a wide...

  • Success the fabless way: Q&A with Faraday

    Wednesday 6 July 2005

    Working closely with foundry UMC, Faraday Technology is generally acknowledged to be Taiwan’s leading design service house. Faraday has seen success in an intensely competitive industry, and the company is determined...

  • Empia: PCIe is not yet mature enough for TV tuners

    Friday 1 July 2005

    Founded in 2002, Empia Technology is an IC-design house focused on USB-supporting system-on-chip (SoC) solutions such as interface engines, flash disk controllers and video bridges. talked to Empia’s...

  • The SoundBridge solution: Q&A with Anthony Wood, Roku

    Wednesday 29 June 2005

    Internet radio, while a bit of a contradiction in terms, is catching on fast. Not surprisingly, devices are now coming into the market that free the listener from constantly being at a seat in front of the PC while enjoying...

  • Hard drives go mobile: Q&A with Larry Swezey, Hitachi GST

    Tuesday 28 June 2005

    The success of the Apple iPod has brought home to a mass market that hard disk drives are now considered a viable form of portable mass storage. And after all, millions of users have been happily trusting their data to...

  • Communication chips and the China market: An interview with Datang Microelectronics

    Friday 17 June 2005

    DigiTimes recently interviewed Shaojun Wei, chairman and CEO of Datang Microelectronics Technology, China’s largest IC design firm, and president of Datang Telecom Technology (DTT), the parent company of the...

  • Designing for the digital home: Q&A with Kun-shan Lin, VP, Texas Instruments

    Thursday 16 June 2005

    Texas Instruments has a dominant position in digital signal processing (DSP) technology, reflected in its leading role as chip provider to the mobile phone industry, and that places the company in a strong position to compete...

  • Java on the ARM: Q&A with ARM’s Chris Porthouse

    Tuesday 14 June 2005

    In terms of both the installed and the developer base, Java is now the leading software enabler for virtual execution environments, and that means ARM is involved in the enhancement and development of the Java platform...

  • Defining Agere: Q&A with VP John Cummins

    Wednesday 8 June 2005

    A spin-out from Lucent Technologies, Agere Systems offers a wide array of chip solutions that at first glance appear bewilderingly diverse. They include solutions for telecom, mobile telephony, storage and networking. Agere...

  • Will Shuttle stay high-end or look to go mainstream: An interview with Jonathan Yi

    Thursday 2 June 2005

    A long-term fixture in Taiwan’s motherboard industry, Shuttle phased out its motherboard business at the end of 2004, and now focuses its business around its XPC small-form-factor (SFF) PCs. recently...

  • Raritan: IP KVM business in Asia growing well

    Thursday 2 June 2005

    Raritan’s business in Asia has been steadily growing over the years, according to company vice president, Sidney Huang, adding that China and India are the fastest growing markets in the region. The company first...

  • Dave Orton muses on Computex and ATI’s role in the PC industry

    Tuesday 31 May 2005

    On the Friday night before Computex, managed to catch ATI CEO Dave Orton on the phone to talk about the upcoming show, industry trends and developments at the company.

  • Expanding in ICs: Q&A with Elan Microelectronics

    Friday 27 May 2005

    Taiwan boasts a fair number of fabless IC design houses, and several have emerged as significant players in the microcontroller and consumer-IC markets. One of these is Elan Microelectronics, based in the Hsinchu Science...

  • EMC re-invents itself: Q&A with EMC director Ricky Chung

    Friday 20 May 2005

    The need for mass data storage exploded in the 1990s, and one of the companies that rode the crest of that wave was US based EMC. One of the most consistently successful companies in the mass data storage market, EMC seemed...

  • Apacer: back to the top five

    Friday 20 May 2005

    Ranked as the 13th biggest DRAM-module manufacturer in 2003, Apacer last year advanced to be the fifth, according to a recent iSuppli report. The research company said “Apacer had the most impressive performance in...

  • What everyone in the DRAM-module industry wishes to know

    Friday 13 May 2005

    A-Data Technology was founded in 2001 and three years later was named fourth-largest third-party DRAM-module manufacturer by iSuppli. Then, A-Data entered the top-three in the world, on the basis of 2004 revenues, following...

  • Building Albatron, building brand

    Thursday 12 May 2005

    Established in 1984, Chun Yun Electronics was one of many Taiwan-based display and TV set makers until Jack Ko, co-founder of Gigabyte Technology, and his team joined the company to lead it to the motherboard market. The...

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