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DIGITIMES regularly interviews leading industry executives, inviting them to talk frankly about the technology issues and the business challenges that need to be addressed in an industry that is marked by constant change. We always welcome the opportunity to discuss industry trends and issues face-to-face, via email or during a conference call, especially for companies that are targeting the Greater China market.

The text is available free of charge for three days after publish date; older interviews require membership.

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  • Tatung: flexibility is a key to success

    Tuesday 31 May 2005

    Founded in 1918, Tatung is one of Taiwan's oldest companies and one of a very few worldwide with a high school and university of the same name. Employing 20,000 people in Taiwan, with around 20% of its stock employee-owned...

  • A joint venture into uncharted territory: Arcadyan develops wireless products for new markets

    Wednesday 27 April 2005

    The joint venture known as Arcadyan Technology Corporation came into being in 2003. Its primary goal is the fusion of wireless networking technology, contributed by Taiwan’s Accton Technology Corporation with consumer-oriented...

  • Behind the transformation – An interview with president and CEO of NEC Display Solutions Systems Hirotoshi Matsuda

    Tuesday 19 April 2005

    On April 1 this year, Japan-based display maker NEC-Mitsubishi Electric Visual Systems, a joint venture between NEC and Mitsubishi Electric, became a wholly-owned subsidiary of NEC. had an opportunity to talk...

  • Clairvoyante talks about brightening the panel

    Tuesday 19 April 2005

    Clairvoyante, a display technology developer and patent-licensing company in the US, claims panels using its patented PenTile Matrix technology consume less power, are brighter, have a higher contrast ratio, a lower production...

  • SigmaTel aims to be a total IC solution provider: Q&A with CEO Ron Edgerton

    Monday 18 April 2005

    SigmaTel, a US-based fabless IC-design firm specializing in controller ICs for MP3 players, anticipates strong demand for its products in the second quarter following a strong performance in the first quarter, according...

  • Multimedia Software in a Changing Market: Q&A with CyberLink CEO Alice Chang

    Friday 15 April 2005

    PC hardware and components suppliers are now involved in a rapid re-orientation towards consumer electronics, where it’s hoped that the Media Center PC will give a much-needed boost to the global IT industry. The...

  • Embedded Solutions for the Consumer Market: Q&A with MIPS director Jeff Sasagawa, part four

    Friday 15 April 2005

    MIPS-based processors are providing a flexible and versatile architecture for a range of consumer-oriented embedded applications, including set-top boxes (STBs), personal video recorders (PVRs), portable media players (PMPs),...

  • Designing for LCOS Success: Q&A with Michael Tang, VP, eLCOS

    Friday 1 April 2005

    At the heart of liquid-crystal on silicon (LCOS) technology is semiconductor design, the silicon-based microdisplay panel, and it’s the design of the panel that determines whether LCOS specialists will succeed or...

  • Expertise in RPTV: An interview with LCOS specialist Prokia Technology

    Friday 25 March 2005

    In Taiwan, a handful of companies, including panel and optical-engine suppliers, are in the process of establishing a supply chain for TVs based on liquid-crystal on silicon (LCOS) microdisplays. Prokia Technology is one...

  • Onward and Upward in OLED: An interview with Teco Optronics president Chan Wang

    Thursday 17 March 2005

    A subsidiary of Taiwan TV maker Teco Electric & Machinery, Teco Optronics entered the OLED market for just under NT$1 billion in capital (approximately equivalent to US$32.5 million). According to president Chan Wang,...

  • Taking up the LCOS challenge: Q&A with UMO president JJ Lee

    Wednesday 9 March 2005

    Some in the displays industry see Liquid Crystal on Silicon (LCOS) technology rather as a gardener looks at hardy perennials. Interest comes and goes as successive waves of corporate executives first see LCOS, with a gleam...

  • Interview with Syntax Groups CEO: LCOS has major potential in China

    Monday 14 February 2005

    Syntax Groups has cooperated with Taiwan-based companies (such as Chi Mei Optoelectronics [CMO], Kolin and Prokia Technology) to produce low-cost high-quality LCD and LCOS (liquid-crystal-on-silicon) TVs for North America...

  • Flat panels go nanotech: Taiwan’s ITRI pioneers CNT-FED, part one

    Friday 21 January 2005

    TFT LCD looks firmly entrenched as the dominant flat-panel technology, but in fact the displays industry is keen to find a technology that delivers better performance – and, crucially, at lower cost. Alternative technologies...

  • DisplaySearch: 29- to 32-inch segment to become LCD-TV mainstream

    Thursday 20 January 2005

    Although LCD-TV panel prices did not slump as much as those of TFT-LCD panels last year, market research firms and financial firms did end up readjusting their 2005 forecasts for the LCD-TV industry. DigiTimes recently...

  • Interview with Sega COO Hisao Oguchi

    Thursday 16 December 2004

    Sega Corporation made the shocking decision in early 2001 that it would cease production of its Dreamcast online game console and instead focus on developing software titles for use with its former rivals’ game consoles,...

  • Pushing OLED productivity – the Univision vision

    Monday 15 November 2004

    Among the flat-panel display pioneers in Taiwan is Univision Technology, a specialist in OLED displays, based in the Hsinchu Science Park (HSP). A relatively young company, Univision has developed its own OLED technology,...

  • AUO: PMOS LTPS panels slated for mass production

    Thursday 14 October 2004

    Recently DigiTimes had an opportunity to talk with C.S. Yang, director of the LTPS division at Taiwan's AU Optronics (AUO). Currently, the company is considered to be the world's number-three producer of TFT LCD-based display...

  • CRLO Displays has single-channel F-LCOS poised for production, part one

    Tuesday 12 October 2004

    Recently, on the occasion of a business trip to Taiwan, DigiTimes had the opportunity to talk with UK-based CRLO Displays, which has acquired assets in F-LCOS microdisplay technology, following, in particular, the demise...

  • Q&A with JJ Lih, Director of OLED Division, AUO

    Thursday 23 September 2004

    DigiTimes recently had the opportunity to speak with JJ Lih, Director of the OLED Division at AUO (AU Optronics), one of a handful of companies now fabricating flat-display panels in Taiwan. In particular, Lih outlined...

  • Interview with TI DLP Asia sales manager

    Tuesday 21 September 2004

    DLP (digital light processing) is rapidly gaining ascendance in the global projector market. According to US-based market-research firm Pacific Media Associates (PMA), DLP had a 37.1% market penetration in the second quarter...

  • Q&A with research firm DisplayBank

    Friday 17 September 2004

    The TFT LCD industry has gone through a series of heated price wars since last month, and several Taiwan-based makers have decided to suspend their production plans, reallocate capacity and clear out excess inventory. Various...

  • HuaQi gearing up to expand aigo-branded product line worldwide

    Thursday 16 September 2004

    Feng Jun, president and CEO of HuaQi Information Technology, shared his experience with DigiTimes to talk about how the company has beaten South Korea-based Samsung Electronics to become the top spot in China’s...

  • Q&A with display experts from the UK

    Tuesday 14 September 2004

    During a pre-seminar meeting (UK Development in Flat Panel Displays 2004), five display experts from the UK talked to the Taiwan press about their cooperation with companies in Taiwan, Japan, South Korea and possibly China,...

  • Micron on the advantages of stacking

    Tuesday 14 September 2004

    With respect to a given lithography node – whether it’s 0.11- or 0.13-micron – both stack and trench processes are implementing 8F² technology. However, the various suppliers do not use standardized...

  • Interview with TPV Technology, world’s number one LCD monitor supplier

    Friday 10 September 2004

    Listed in Hong Kong and Singapore, TPV Technology overtook Samsung Electronics and became the world’s largest LCD-monitor supplier in the first half of 2004, with total shipments of 4.497 million units, compared to...

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