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Who are we?

DIGITIMES is a media company established in 1998 with the goal of providing Greater China's IT and high tech community with the key information and market intelligence to allow players in the region take best advantage of the rapidly changing trends in the market.

Based on the region's importance, DIGITIMES has become a global brand and our daily coverage of Taiwan's IT companies and news from China and other regions provide a lifeline to industry professionals, channel players, investment analysts and media around the world.

In addition, due to our unique position between the global market and Greater China players, we began offering marketing services including event hosting and translation services to help western brand vendors and IP and component suppliers connect with Greater China supply chain players. DIGITIMES now offers a variety of marketing services to help bridge the language and cultural divide between Greater China and the world.


Why choose us?

Greater China is the global hub for the production of PCs, semiconductors, mobile devices, flat panel LCDs, digital cameras, wireless devices, solar panels, LEDs and numerous other supply chain components, and no other company has a better handle of the relation dynamic between media, OEM, IP supplier and manufacturer than DIGITIMES does. We have more than 15 years' experience connecting international and Greater China high-tech companies through news, trade shows, events and consulting and we are confident we can help you achieve your marketing goals in the Greater China market as well.


Are we right for you?

DIGITIMES offers various marketing services in the Greater China market but we are not a PR company. PR companies serve as a virtual marketing/support team representing you in a market, specializing in crisis management, editorial sway, brand management and advertising budgets.

DIGITIMES provides outsourced marketing services. We focus on achieving and delivering results based on a company's specific marketing objectives. We provide clear metrics for achieving goals and thus measuring success.

DIGITIMES specializes in content marketing, event hosting, sales consulting, establishing a presence in China, providing turnkey marketing services and support for attending tradeshows and events in China

Our marketing services will not provide any influence on editorial content concerning news published by DIGITIMES. The two business units are run completely independently.


What do you want to do and how can we help?

DIGITIMES offers various a-la-carte marketing services including translation services, design and publishing services, sales consulting, event hosting and content marketing services for the China and Taiwan markets. However, at DIGITIMES we understand that entering into the China market can be a complicated process so we offer a variety of turnkey solutions that focus on achieving specific goals our customers have. Turnkey packages target the following customer goals, though custom packages are also available:

Establish a corporate presence in Greater China

DIGITIMES can help you translate all relevant documents into Chinese, including marketing collateral, whitepapers, general documentation, and web content. We can also consult on establishing a simple web presence in Chinese. Then DIGITIMES will help you design and print marketing collateral including name cards, brochures and folders. We can also support you locally by hosting the Chinese-language website and registering the company in China.

Attend a tradeshow in Greater China

DIGITIMES can help you translate all relevant documents into Chinese, including brochures, posters, folders, general documentation, and web content. We can also provide design and logistic support for setting up and preparing the tradeshow booth. Instead of bringing all marketing collateral from abroad, DIGITIMES can handle publishing locally and handle all logistics for delivery to your booth. Once the show begins, DIGITIMES can help you manage publicity, including translation and distribution of press releases, hosting of press conferences, media coverage for the show and arrange media visits. We also provide sales consulting services in order to guarantee companies of your choice attend a sales meeting/event during the show.

Use content marketing to promote your company in China

Navigating the local media in China can be difficult but DIGITIMES can help you get results by arranging for publication of company bylined articles in various China-based media outlets. We can also help arrange interviews with company executives with the appropriate Chinese media outlets. DIGITIMES also provides a press release distribution service that is subscribed to by hundreds of members of the local Chinese media. DIGITIMES also provides translation services to assure that all Chinese material matches the original content.

Launch an integrated marketing/promotion campaign targeting the Greater China media

DIGITIMES can help you host a press conference, while providing a turnkey solution for all aspects of publicity for the event including arranging location, design and logistic support for event, attendance of media and distribution of content. We can also distribute press releases to all members of the local Chinese media or arrange for placement of ads in various Chinese media, based on customer need. DIGITIMES can also translate all necessary materials into Chinese.

Get your marketing message delivered to potential partners

DIGITIMES provides seminar services including the DIGITIMES Tech Forum (DTF) and DIGITIMES Application Forum (DAF) series where sponsors can participate as speakers to present their technology/services to hundreds of potential partners.

DIGITIMES can also help you develop and host an event tailored specifically to your needs. We can provide a turnkey solution for all marketing and logistic services. We also provide a marketing plan for pre-event promotion - including advertising and company coverage - and post-event media coverage. DIGITIMES guarantees the number of attendees, chosen from the client's target industries, while matching the customer to potential partners post-event.



With our vast experience in the Greater China market, DIGITIMES understands that you often get what you pay for when it comes to translation and marketing services in China. The Greater China market is overflowing with translation and marketing/PR companies and pricing can be very inexpensive. However, it is not surprising that many international companies end up choosing to avoid local firms altogether because success is often difficult to define and is usually based on vague metrics. DIGITIMES serves as a gateway between the two regions. We understand that quality requirements of international firms so we provide clear definitions of what the customer receives but because of our location, we have the local expertise, which means the scope of our reach tends to extend further than international marketing firms when it comes to achieving specific goals in the local China market.



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