Computex Taipei 2018
Taking place from June 5-9, Computex 2018 will focus on six major themes: AI, 5G, Blockchain, IoT, Innovations & Startups and Gaming & VR.
Wednesday 27 June 2018
USB Type-C unified standard to connect them all
The USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF) is a non-profit industry group and support organization for the advancement and adoption of Universal Serial Bus technology as defined in the USB specifications. There are currently more than 1,000 member companies worldwide. This year, USB-IF and its members showcased new USB capabilities and products within a community on the 4th floor of Nangang Exhibition Center at Computex Taipei 2018. This is the eighth consecutive year USB-IF attended the show to highlight its latest technical developments and progress. In this interview, we got the opportunity to talk to Jeff Ravencraft, USB-IF's president and chief operation officer about the newest USB-IF developments.
Thursday 21 June 2018
APD Group power products win rave reviews at Computex 2018
APD Group took part in Computex Taipei in June 2018, showcasing many products, including networking power, medical power, to consumer electronics power, alongside many other applications.
Thursday 21 June 2018
Engaging partners in Taiwan, AWS creates new IoT opportunities
Amazon Web Services (AWS) made its first-ever appearance at the Computex Taipei trade show this year. Its exhibits were a highlight among other AIoT-themed booths. AWS has hosted tech forums, such as AWS Summit Taipei, that were highly-praised and well-attended by high-tech communities and AWS partners in Taiwan. At Computex 2018, AWS presented achievements by its partners in technology developments and the IoT ecosystem and provided opportunities for them to exchange thoughts, making its activities highly anticipated.
Friday 8 June 2018
Level 3 self-driving car development in the fast lane
Audi unveiled the all-new A8 luxury car in 2017 at Audi Summit, showcasing the first car to reach Level 3 autonomous drive. This is an indication that the car industry is shifting gear fast towards a car revolution. Starting from this year, more automakers will be making big moves to advance their autonomous car efforts. Keeping pace with same momentum, the much anticipated Level 5 autonomous car will hit the road in 2025, according to predictions by industry observers.
Friday 8 June 2018
InnoVEX roundtable at Computex 2018 provides insights for startups
To encourage entrepreneurs and startups to innovate, Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) on June 7 during Computex 2018 hosted InnoVEX 2018 Roundtable, a seminar gathering executives and professionals from IT startups, enterprises, upstream manufacturers, international buyers, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and accelerators to exchange thoughts and ideas.
Friday 8 June 2018
Asus announces new ZenBook, VivoBook and VivoWatch BP
Asustek Computer has unveiled at Computex 2018 new products, including ZenBook Pro 15 and ZenBook Pro 14 with ScreenPad input device, ZenBook S, a full lineup of VivoBook notebooks, and the VivoWatch BP wearable blood-pressure monitor.
Friday 8 June 2018
QNAP showcases AI solutions in healthcare, and unveils advancements in QTS OS and new NAS systems
At Computex 2018, QNAP Systems, Inc opened its technology suite at the Taipei International Convention Center (TICC), Meeting Room 201E, to bring visitors a profound, in-depth experience. Together with new NAS models and solutions, NAS-based machine learning and AI applications in healthcare are being demonstrated to display QNAP's commitment to AI development. There is also a sneak-preview of the exciting advancements for the upcoming QTS 4.3.5 NAS operating system.
Thursday 7 June 2018
Five eye-catching edge computing implementations showcased at Computex 2018
Computex 2018, as a benchmark for global B2B professional technology exhibition, highlights six themes - artificial intelligence (AI), 5G communication, blockchain, Internet of Things (IoT), innovations & startups and gaming & VR. Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) expects advances of the six major technologies will introduce innovative applications and infuse new energy into Taiwan's economy.
Thursday 7 June 2018
Comprehensive integrated tests help capture opportunities as 5G accelerates IoT boom
In recent years, governments and businesses alike have been keen on the development of 5G. However, most operators around the world only just kicked off their 4G services in 2012 (2014 in Taiwan). After only six short years, they have yet to see positive returns on the large sums they invested in their 4G licenses. So why are they rushing to come up with the next generation communication standard- According to Yong-Fen Hsieh, chairwoman of Materials Analysis Technology Inc (MA-tek), 5G communication will enable high-speed transmission that will make possible a great number of applications that existing technologies do not allow. 5G networks will provide high-speed connections to back-end cloud data centers for everything from transportation, healthcare, and pollution control infrastructures to consumer devices. Many countries and companies around the world are aggressively pursuing the development of the next generation communication technology in view of the numerous possibilities it offers.
Thursday 7 June 2018
SECO strengthening presence in fast growing Asian embedded systems market
The embedded systems and industrial PC industries are driven by the invention of various vertical solutions and technologies with different kinds of microcontrollers and since then it has evolved into various forms, from primarily being designed for machine control applications to much broader ranges of fields such as smart medical or robotic systems. In recent years, however, there is a revolution in the domain of industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and AIoT (the artificial intelligence of Things) embedded systems with the advent of increasingly powerful and more power saving processors. These trends make the embedded systems transforming themselves into really complex systems, thus creating newer opportunities and challenges to develop more powerful, energy efficient systems, peripherals and other accessories.