Wed, May 19, 2021
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Thursday 29 April 2021
China 1Q21 software revenues estimated at nearly CNY1,903 billion
China's software industry consisting of 39,719 companies generated revenues totaling CNY1,902.955 billion (US$293.65 billion) in first-quarter 2021, growing 26.5% on year, according to China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT).
Wednesday 14 April 2021
Wistron partners with AppWorks to recruit startups for emerging businesses
Wistron has partnered with AppWorks to activate an accelerator program, aiming to recruit startups particularly from the AI, cloud computing and cyber security industries.
Monday 29 March 2021
Tencent 4Q20 revenues up over 26% on year
China-based Tencent Holdings has released fourth-quarter 2020 financial results, with consolidated revenues reaching CNY133.669 billion (US$20.486 billion), growing 26.38% on year.
Friday 5 March 2021
Liberalizing 5G: Q&A with Polish startup IS-Wireless CEO Slawomir Pietrzyk
Window of opportunity has opened up for Polish startup IS-Wireless, which was nominated for DigitalEurope's Future Unicorn Award 2021, having won several other awards in Europe with its innovative 5G mobile communications technologies. They have joined the Garage+ accelerator of the Epoch Foundation in Taiwan, hoping to find hardware partners from Taiwan to deliver their new model of 5G communications at lower cost and better performance.
Tuesday 2 March 2021
IGS posts record sales for 2020
International Games System (IGS), a Taiwan-based developer of PC and mobile online games as well as arcade game machines, has posted consolidated revenues of NT$8.426 billion (US$300 million), gross margin of 96%, operating profit of NT$4.223 billion and net EPS of NT$57.68 for 2020, all hitting records.
Tuesday 23 February 2021
MWC Shanghai 2021 kicks off
MWC Shanghai 2021 has kicked off today with the exhibition being presented partly online and partly in physical venues in the wake of the pandemic. The organizers expect some 20,000 patrons to visit the showground in the 3-day event.
Wednesday 3 February 2021
Taiwan startup develops 5G private network simulation solutions
A Taiwan-based startup is ready to launch terminal simulation systems and 5G vertical applications to help local companies accelerate related efforts to develop, build, operate and maintain the 5G private networks.
Thursday 24 December 2020
Highlights of the day: Q&A with AImazing founder
Startups are often carried away by their tech prowess, over-designing their products beyond the actual needs of their customers, according to Singapore-based AImazing founder Jun Ting. In an interview by Digitimes, Ting, whose company helps stores analyze offline data, reveals how the pandemic has taught him a lesson about understanding customers' needs. In China, handset vendors are ready to launch new 5G phones in a bid to make up lost ground from Apple, who has made major gains in the Chinese market in fourth-quarter 2020 thanks to strong sales of its iPhone 12 family. Demand for products and services across all semiconductor segments have tightened capacity supply or sent prices rising. For some Taiwan-based IC testers, they have an alternative to directly raising their service quotes: they have their clients shoulder part of the costs of components needed to process their orders.
Thursday 24 December 2020
Understanding what customers really need: Q&A with AImazing founder Jun Ting
AImazing, founded in 2015, was groomed by Taiwan-based accelerator AppWorks. AImazing, which set up its headuqarters in Singapore and R&D base in Taiwan in 2017, was about to take off with its acoustic application when regulation changes in the Southeast Asian city state curbed its mobile payment services.
Thursday 17 December 2020
5G private networks to gain momentum
The Taiwan government has made a good decision appropriating a portion of the 5G spectrum for private network applications enabling enterprises to optimize their respective technologies, according to TH Tung, chairman of Pegatron.
Tuesday 15 December 2020
China January-October software revenues at over CNY6,554 billion, says MIIT
China's software industry consisting of 40,187 companies generated revenues of CNY6,554.162 billion (US$940.69 billion) in January-October 2020, growing 11.7% on year, according to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT).
Monday 30 November 2020
FET foraying into smart home solution market
Far EasTone Telecommunications (FET) is expanding its smart home ecosystem, with plans to launch solutions catering to entertainment, home-care, energy-saving, safety and security, and connected household appliances.
Tuesday 17 November 2020
Accountability, cooperation, transparency keys to 5G innovations, says Keysight executive
Accountability, cross-domain cooperation and information transparency are the three keys that are instrumental to the continuous development of innovative 5G and 6G applications, according to David Lo, deputy general manager of field marketing at Keysight Taiwan.
Wednesday 4 November 2020
China software revenues at CNY5,838 billion in January-September 2020
China's software industry consisting of 39,409 companies generated revenues of CNY5,838.713 billion (US$834.93 billion) in January-September 2020, growing 11.3% on year, according to China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT).
Friday 23 October 2020
Gogolook invested by WIN Semiconductors
Taiwan-based Gogolook, the developer of Whoscall fraud prevention app that identifies phone callers, has obtained investment from GaAs wafer foundry service provider WIN Semiconductors, with most of the fund to be used to develop FinTech products and tap the Japanese market, according to company co-founder and CEO Jeff Kuo.
Friday 25 September 2020
PChome Online expands in Southeast Asia
Taiwan-based PChome Online, after years of offering online shopping services in Thailand, has expanded to Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam and Malaysia through cooperation respectively with the largest local e-commerce operators, according to company chairman Jan Hung-tze.
Monday 14 September 2020
Highlights of the day: Apple reportedly automating production at heat pipe suppliers
Apple is diversifying its production bases. One of the moves involved in the diversification reportedly is having its heat dissipation solution providers install automated production lines, standardizing the manufacturing process to make it more flexible and easier to relocate its production bases. Thermal dissipation is a major issue for datacenter operators, as new hardware is generating so much heat that traditional cooling solutions cannot handle. They are now switching to liquid cooling. And Nivida has just announced its acquisition of Arm from SoftBank for US$40 billion.
Monday 14 September 2020
Nvidia to acquire Arm for US$40 billion
Nvidia and SoftBank Group (SBG) have announced a definitive agreement under which the former will acquire Arm from the latter and the SoftBank Vision Fund in a transaction valued at US$40 billion.
Tuesday 8 September 2020
Highlights of the day: Apple fast expanding datacenters
Apple, keen on boosting its services sales, is fast expanding its opwn datacenters. The US vendor is expected to see a sharp rise in purchases of server components in 2020 and 2021. Meanwhile, demand for 8-inch foundry support has been strong. UMC is ready to raise quptes for its 8-inch fab capacity, which it expects to stay tight for the long term. And UMC is identified as one of the possible beneficiaries if the US threat of balcklisting SMIC materializes, which would shake up the foundry scene
Tuesday 8 September 2020
Apple raises datacenter server component purchases
Apple has been stepping up its purchases of datacenter server components since second-quarter 2020 with related shipments in full-year 2020 expected to double on year and to continue to grow in 2021, according to sources from Taiwan's server upstream supply chain.
Thursday 13 August 2020
Kdan Mobile Software cooperates with Japan-based Vacan
Kdan Mobile Software, a Taiwan-based developer of mobile device-based collaborative work software solutions, has provided Japan-based Vacan with its DottedSign e-signing service to help the latter's business operation in Taiwan, according to Kdan.
Thursday 30 July 2020
VR-enabled social interactions: Q&A with XRSpace president Sting Tao
There are many social networking platforms, but they have been unable to fill the very gap left wide open by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic that has been barring people from face-to-face physical interactions.
Wednesday 29 July 2020
CyberLink sees staggering 2Q20 sales growth from remote work solutions
Digital multimedia software solution developer CyberLink saw second-quarter 2020 revenues from its U series and FaceMe hike by 29 times on year, according to company chairman and CEO Jau Huang.
Tuesday 7 July 2020
5G to enhance gaming experience, says Winking chairman
The high-speed transmission of 5G will allow games to be played like streaming media and players will no longer need to wait for the contents to be fully downloaded, according to Taiwan-based game developer Winking Entertainment chairman Johnny Jan.
Wednesday 1 July 2020
Chief Telecom to benefit from stay-at-home economy
Taiwan-based Chief Telecom's cloud computing and Internet datacenter (IDC) businesses are expected to see growths thanks to uprising demand from the stay-at-home economy in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, according to company chairman Joseph Wu.