Sat, Jul 31, 2021
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Friday 30 July 2021
Highlights of the day: Intel keen to regain foundry leadership
Intel has made aggressive moves trying to retake leadership in the foundry sector. If it is able to meet its schedule of technology advancements, Intel could close the gap against TSMC in five years. Conservative outlook from some of the big-name tech firms is not preventing Taiwanese ODMs from seeing strong server orders from datacenter clients. Monika Mikac, CBO of Barcelona-based QEV Technologies, and former COO of Croatian EV startup Rimac Automobili. Mikac, who will speak at the upcoming Asia Venturing (II): Tech-driven Mobility event, told Digitimes in a recent interview about developing e-bus platforms for emerging markets.
Friday 30 July 2021
Server ODMs enjoy strong pull-in of orders from US datacenter vendors
Taiwan-based server ODMs have enjoyed a strong pull-in of orders placed by US datacenter vendors with clear order visibility extended to the end of this year, according to industry sources.
Thursday 29 July 2021
ASC 100: Fabrinet, optical transceiver manufacturer, makes to the top 10 employers in Thailand
Fabrinet is one of the world's largest manufacturers of optical transceivers. Headquartered in George Town, Cayman island, Fabrinet was founded in 2000 by Seagate co-founder David T. Mitchell with an initial capital of US$1 million.
Thursday 29 July 2021
Creating value from big data for enterprises with high-performance, cost-effective solution CannerFlow
In 2011, the World Economic Forum (WEF) pointed out in its Global Risk Report that data was going to become the most valuable resource of the 21st century. According to a report from the International Data Corporation (IDC), global data volume is projected to grow to 163ZB in 2025, showing a tenfold increase from the 16.1ZB in 2016. The massive amount of data in combination with the rise of big data and data surveying tools mean that uncovering business opportunities from enormous data has already become an essential task for businesses looking to increase their competitiveness. Consequently, this has drawn great focus to data platforms, otherwise known as data management platforms.
Wednesday 28 July 2021
EU new carbon-reduction package to push datacenters go liquid cooling
European Commission's Fit-for-55 package passed on July 14 is expected to prompt datacenter operators to act more keenly in adopting liquid cooling solutions.
Wednesday 28 July 2021
Public cloud service business booming in Southeast Asia
Public cloud service providers, including Amazon Wireless Services (AWS), Azure, Alibaba Cloud (Aliyun) and Google Cloud, have enhanced their deployments in Southeast Asia, expecting the region to be the growth driver of their next wave of robust growths.
Wednesday 28 July 2021
Ultron IoT platform improves network connection efficiency through better systems
The development of IoT has accelerated in recent years, and applications can be seen in the manufacturing, retail, and construction industries. Based on current market trends, IoT still needs to overcome certain issues to be further popularized with the key being connection and integration of devices of different brands. The patented proprietary technology "UltronKEY" used in the Ultron IoT platform released by WiFigarden only requires users to scan the QR code on their home appliances by using their smartphones, and the home appliances can instantly connect to the Wi-Fi network in their home. Users can then be able to control different brands of home appliances with a single app on their phones.
Wednesday 28 July 2021
Macronix sees profits more than double in 2Q21
ROM and NOR flash memory maker Macronix International saw its net profits climb 110% sequentially to NT$1.93 billion (US$68.6 million) in the second quarter of 2021, buoyed by rising chip shipments and ASPs. EPS for the quarter came to NT$1.04.
Tuesday 27 July 2021
Highlights of the day: TI reportedly still sees strong orders
Texas Instrutments has given a less optimistic outlook for the third quarter of 2021, but industry sources have claimed that TI still sees prolonged lead times. TSMC has disclosed it is in early talks with clients about the feasibility of constructing a fab in Germany, and industry observers say such a fab could be a boost to Europe's car supply chain. DIGITIMES Asia president Colley Hwang has just published the first of his latest series of analysis of the global IT supply chain.
Tuesday 27 July 2021
Views from Taiwan (1): Insights into IT trends and dynamics
After the peak of component crunch in the second quarter along with insufficient inventory in the third quarter, stress of stagnant deliverables on the highway seems to have been relieved. A consensus of the supply chain is to let the manufacturers breathe. The fourth quarter is in line with the traditional off-season, and the days should be easier. From foundries to IC design houses, Taiwanese manufacturers are in the limelight now. DIGITIMES Asia has noted in its reports that the foundry sector is now a seller's market with strong demand to last in end of 2022. Such messages are based on dynamic changes in demand-supply status of IT industry from the most upstream of the supply chain. Component shortages and component cannibalization require long-term rolling tracking. DIGITIMES Asia has been making dynamic adjustments to its views in line with rolling forecasts.
Thursday 22 July 2021
Highlights of the day: Apple and carmakers seeking more IC supply
Chip shortage gas been serious, but Apple and carmakers are both asking for more ICs, the former looking to secure supply for its upcoming devices and the latter to prevent dirsuptions to their productions. Chinese IC designers are seeking more advanced manufacturing support from TSMC for their AI and HPC chips. Taiwan-based server makers are keen on expanding production capacity to meet strong demand.
Thursday 22 July 2021
Taiwan server ODMs gearing up for capacity expansions
Taiwan-based server ODMs including Inventec, Quanta Computer, and Wiwynn are all gearing up to carry out their capacity expansion projects in Taiwan and overseas, according to company sources.
Thursday 22 July 2021
Taiwanese makers give priority to stability in India production
Wistron, which has qualified for Production Linked Incentives (PLI) from the Indian government, is focusing its operation in India on stability over volume, according to company sources.
Wednesday 21 July 2021
HPE expands GreenLake services in Taiwan
Hewlett-Packard Enterprise (HPE) has expanded its GreenLake services in Taiwan to add silicon on-demand and zero-trust cybersecurity solutions.
Wednesday 21 July 2021
Thailand subsidiary is regional hub for Delta Electronics
Delta Electronics (Thailand), the subsidiary of Taiwan-based Delta Electronics, has become the regional business headquarters and manufacturing center in India and Southeast Asia for its parent company.
Tuesday 20 July 2021
Highlights of the day: Foundry outlook remains robust
Strong demand and tight capacity are pushing up foundry serivce quotes. Major Taiwan-based foundry houses are expected to report record-high sales in third-quarter 2021. The overall handset market may be weak, but 5G smartphone demand is picking up. Smartphone chip vendors expect their sales to be fueled by 5G offerings in third-quarter 2021. Servers are also gearing up for the 5G edge computing boom.
Tuesday 20 July 2021
Server makers gearing up for 5G edge computing boom
Server makers are gearing up to tap the high-margin edge computing market segment, which is expected to expand rapidly with the availability of 5G.
Monday 19 July 2021
Enterprises see increasing security problems amid pandemic
With work- and study-at-home becoming new normal for people amid the COVID-19 pandemic, enterprises worldwide are now facing increasing threat of data breach and ransomware.
Monday 19 July 2021
Mitac sees 52-week lead time for server component deliveries
The server industry is currently seeing a lead time of up to 52 weeks for its component deliveries with lingering shortages, which will not have a chance to improve until 2022, according to Mitac Holding president Billy Ho.
Monday 19 July 2021
Taiwan to invest over NT$80 billion in smart airports, seaports
Taiwan's Ministry of Transportation and Communications (MOTC) plans to invest NT$80.7 billion (US$2.9 billion) into digital transformation of airports and seaports, using AI, IoT, big data and other innovative technologies over the next five years.
Friday 16 July 2021
Online banking services grow popular in Vietnam
Banks in Vietnam are pushing to digitalize their services with releases of smartphone apps amid the lingering coronavirus pandemic, according to a report by Vietnamnet.
Tuesday 13 July 2021
MOBI standards guide innovation in blockchain services for growth in smart mobility industry
Blockchain technology is based on programmed computation and cryptography, and its transactions are both immutable and irrevocable. The technology also makes use of peer-to-peer network (P2P) protocols to ensure that the functionality of the entire network remains highly stable even when any individual node is damaged or lost. When applied to innovative business models such as charging stations in the electric vehicle (EV) market, blockchain technology provides a stable, secure, and large-scale management system for different consumers such as vehicle manufacturers, government regulators, energy providers, banks, and the general public.
Tuesday 13 July 2021
Vietnam, India to partner for ICT development
Vietnam is looking to cooperate with India to promote ICT development, with both sides having held an online meeting recently over the matter, according to a report by VnEconomy.
Monday 12 July 2021
Vietnam partners with ADB to promote digital government
Vietnam's Ministry of Information and Communications signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Asian Development Bank (ADB) at the end of June to form a partnership for the development of digital government, digital economy and digital society, according to a report by Vietnam Finance.
Monday 12 July 2021
South Korean firms building smart city in Vietnam
South Korea's SparkLabs Korea, Daewoo E&C Vina, and Bespin Global have signed a strategic partnership to construct a smart city platform in Vietnam, according to SparkLabs Group.