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APD showcases trend-setting medical power solutions at CMEF 2020
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A global resurgence of COVID-19 cases will again exert extreme pressure on healthcare systems in countries around the world. Medical devices that already have market attention will take center stage once more, buoying market demand for medical power supply systems that are at the core of medical devices.

The China International Medical Equipment Fair (CMEF) 2020 is scheduled to open on October 19 at the National Exhibition and Convention Center in Shanghai. As a global integrated service platform targeting the entire medical device supply chain, CMEF 2020 will aggregate more than 7,000 medical device suppliers from around the world and host more than 200,000 visitors working in the industry.

Having been developing customized power supply solutions for medical devices for more than two decades, Asian Power Devices (APD) has established itself as a leading brand and a long-term strategic partner with global medical device manufacturers. APD plans to showcase its full lineup of medical power solutions at CMEF 2020 and demonstrate their use in major medical applications. It should be noted that another highlight of APD's exhibit at CMEF 2020 will be APD's lithium-ion battery uninterruptible power systems (UPS), which form another core business element of APD.

APD presents its complete range of medical power solutions targeting major medical applications

Specializing in medical power supply development and manufacturing, APD received certification for compliance with ISO 13485 medical devices/quality management systems standards in 2015. At CMEF 2020, APD will present desktop, wall-mounted and open-frame medical power supply systems, which are all compliant with IEC60601 standards for medical safety. Featuring high electrostatic discharge (ESD) tolerance, over-voltage protection, over-current protection and overheat protection, they can be used in a wide-range of medical devices including resuscitators, oxygen generators, humidifiers, medical displays, nebulizers, blood pressure gauges, infusion pumps, ultrasonic instruments, endoscopes, electric hospital beds and monitoring devices.

APD's wall-mounted power supply

Lightweight, portability and IP22 water and dust resistance are the eye-catching features of APD's wall-mounted power supply systems. Moreover, a hidden LED light is incorporated as part of the streamline product design that indicates system status without a bright light disturbing patients who need rest. Without the need for Y-capacitors, APD's power supply guarantees low leakage current while ensuring stable power supply for medical devices by providing high peak current up to 300% of rated current, extending product life to five years.

APD's open-frame power supply

APD's open-frame power supply can be used in an environment with or without air flow. It enables optimal adaptability to the operating environment. It can operate with a fanless configuration when embedded in a device without air flow to lower noise and failure rate. Furthermore, its high reliability design caters specifically to medical applications and allows the system to have a long life, long MTBF, low ripples and low leakage current. For protection against electromagnetic interference (EMI), it is built with excellent immunity from lightning surge and ESD.

APD's desktop power supply

The most prominent feature of APD's desktop power supply is its durable anti-friction casing made of fire and water proof materials above safety standards (UL94V0 flame retardant and IPX2 water resistant). It is also built with patented wire with SR structure, which prevents constant bending and twisting from causing damages and cracks when the power supply is used in a portable medical device. Moreover, the power supply is designed with a structure that optimizes heat dissipation and minimizes EMI. Its low-noise operation makes it the best choice for a quiet healing environment.

Targeting customized power supply solutions for medical, factory automation and 5G/IoT applications, APD's lithium-ion battery UPS products again catch market attention

According to APD managers in charge of power supply products, the UPS market continues to enjoy brisk growth not only in the medical care sector but also in data centers, telecommunication, manufacturing, transportation and power industries. However, APD has bigger goals. It has found a new direction in the growingly intense market competition - to provide more advanced customized lithium-ion battery UPS for medical, factory automation and 5G/IoT applications.

Lithium-ion battery UPS systems have twice the life span compared to lead-acid battery UPS systems. They are also not as bulky and heavy (APD's lithium-ion battery UPS is only 30%-50% the size and weight of a lead-acid battery UPS). As such, it imposes a much smaller burden on the technician who conducts maintenance or replacement work. The installation is also much easier. Lithium-ion battery UPS systems are superior to lead-acid battery UPS systems in every way.

In view of this, APD's UPS business team has built a series of UL1973 compliant customized lithium-ion battery UPS products based on its robust R&D capabilities. Combining a battery management system (BMS), sophisticated double protection with SOH and SOC calculations, optional network capability and USB communication, APD's lithium-ion battery UPS products are widely used in medical, factory automation and 5G/IoT applications. APD stays committed to providing high-stability, high-quality and comprehensive lithium battery control and protection solutions for customers and Japan-based manufacturing partners.

APD's lithium-ion AC UPS

APD's UL 1778 certified lithium-ion AC UPS supports a wide input voltage range and a multilingual user interface on its LCD display panel. Featuring high stability, high reliability, small footprint and light weight, it can satisfy customization requirements for high quality lithium-ion battery UPS and has been put to use in wide-ranging fields including medical devices, factory automation equipment, surveillance systems and transportation applications. It is the best choice for backup power systems today.

APD's lithium-ion AC-DC UPS

To meet hospitals' special requirements on fire safety systems and routers, APD introduces its lithium-ion AC-DC UPS, which also features small footprint and light weight similar to the AC series. What's different is that it supplies small current and long-term power while supporting Wi-Fi and Bluetooth expandability as well as UPS status monitoring on mobile phones. Most important of all, APD's UL508 certified lithium-ion AC-DC UPS can accommodate customization needs to meet diverse customer requirements.

APD's medical-grade isolation transformer

It should be noted that APD will concurrently exhibit its medical-grade isolation transformers at CMEF 2020. The UL/IEC 60601-1 certified transformers are proven to effectively lower noise and suppress surge. Built with a low leakage (leakage current < 100uA) and floating AC output design, APD's medical-grade isolation transformers can effectively filter out EMI and prevent ground noise coupling at hospitals, thereby safeguarding medical devices.

APD will showcase its solutions targeting medical, factory automation and 5G/IoT applications while presenting a full lineup of products encompassing lead-acid battery UPS and lithium-ion battery UPS at CMEF 2020. These exhibits will not only demonstrate APD's world-leading R&D capabilities and achievements but also its commitment as a global brand of customized power supply solutions to continuingly pioneering the energy revolution and reshaping power usage. Its efforts will lead to a brighter future for all.

For more information about APD, please visit https://www.apd.com.tw/en/

APD grabbed attention at CMEF 2020

APD grabbed attention at CMEF 2020

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