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Overcoming a high barrier, Mean Well establishes presence in the medical power supply market
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Specializing in developing and marketing standardized power supply products, Mean Well expanded into the medical power supply segment in 2000 by leveraging its market insight and technological strength. It now offers more than 500 models of medical power supplies in its product portfolio to meet every requirement on power solutions by medical equipment for diagnosis, treatment, lab test and home care purposes. With years of efforts, Mean Well has quickly risen to the No. 8 position in terms of its market share in the segment.

According to IHS, the global medical power supply market has a value close to US$500 million. The segment with a much smaller scale compared to power supplies for consumer and IT devices puts up a high technological barrier as medical power solutions impose more stringent requirements than industrial-grade power solutions. Vendors that are able to secure a market position in the segment will not be easily overtaken. Eying the niche opportunity, Mean Well has been putting efforts toward this segment for nearly two decades and has received positive results. Medical power supply products generate NT$1 billion in revenue for Mean Well, representing about 3.3% of the company's total revenue of NT$30.6 billion. The share may be small but the growth potential is promising.

Compliance with a full range of safety standards represents a guarantee of premium product quality

"A power supply may only account for a small portion in the total costs of a medical device but a power supply failure will definitely hinder a medical device's normal operation," noted Rui-Ching Chen, product manager, Meal Well, as he drew an analogy between the human heart and a medical power supply. "There can be no compromise in the quality, safety, reliability and durability of medical power supplies."

Mean Well is fully prepared for the foray into the healthcare market. Its manufacturing facilities are ISO13485 certified and its products comply with a complete range of medical equipment standards including IEC60601-1, EN60601-1, ANSI and AAMI ES60601 Edition 3, in addition to rigorous EMC specifications.

To guarantee safety, all Mean Well medical power supplies are designed to comply with current leakage, 2XMOPP/2xMOOP isolation level and stress test qualifications for medical devices. "Our medical power supplies are Type BF (Body Floating), meaning they can be used in medical devices that have direct contact with patients," emphasized Chen.

A comprehensive product portfolio meets every customer requirement

Mean Well makes every effort to ensure that all its medical power supplies are safe to use. On top of that, Mean Well provides a complete range of power solutions to suit every requirement of medical devices for all kinds of medical uses, including AC-DC external adapters, encapsulated power supply, modular power supply, PCB type, and DC-DC modules with power ratings in the range from 1W to 1200W.

Mean Well plans to showcase multiple flagship medical power supplies at Medical Taiwan, to open on June 27, 2019. The products on exhibit include the NMP650/1K2 (650W/1200 W), MSP-1000 (1000W), MPM /MFM-05~30 (5W~30W), RPS-120S (120W), RPS-500 (500W) and GEM60I (60W) series.

The intelligent modular medical power supply NMP650/1K2 series (650W/1200W) offers the configuration flexibility of multiple outputs and various intelligent control functions. Chen further pointed out, "NMP650/1K2 enables flexible adjustments of output voltage to accommodate different voltage requirements by large medical equipment such as the da Vinci Surgical System and computed tomography (CT) scanners." Mean Well's NMP650/1K2 series provides up to six different output voltages.

Housed in the same casing as the previous generation MSP-600, the MSP-1000 (1000W) allows customers to boost the power supply from 600W to 1000W with the same footprint, thereby saving costs and efforts. For example, as medical technologies make leaping advances, 600W power supplies may not be enough for biochemical analyzers that come with increasing rotation speeds and thus require more power. In view of such needs, Mean Well offers a way for customers to upgrade their power supply without having to change the casing.

Digitization and miniaturization is the future trend

Featuring small size and low energy consumption, the MPM /MFM-05~30 (5W~30W) series high-density miniature on-board power supplies come with a 45.7mm x 25.4mm x 21.5mm dimension and low no load power consumption less than 0.075W to significantly reduce overall system power consumption. Mean Well plans to launch 45W, 65W and 90W models this year, according to Chen.

The RPS-120S (120W) is a high-performance compact PCB-type medical power supply with a 3"x 2" footprint. It can operate up to 120W without the need for an external fan. "Compared to other PCB-type power supplies of similar sizes on the market, Mean Well's RPS-120S is only one capable of supplying more than 100W with no need for an external fan. This is achieved by enhancing the efficiency and making use of heat sink," emphasized Chen.

The RPS-500 is available in multiple form factors, including bare PCB, fanless covered, as well as chassis mount with built-in fans, to offer a wide range of medical power supply solutions for customers to choose from. It should be noted that Mean Well is only manufacturer on the market capable of providing a 5"x3" medical-grade product offering up to 500W (the fanless model can supply up to 300W). Furthermore, the GEM60I (60W) medical-grade wall-mount type adapter features easy portability, interchangeable AC plugs for operation in the U.S., U.K., Australia and European countries and compliance with IEC60601-1-11 home care standards.

Since the foray into the medical power supply segment in 2000, Mean Well has stayed ahead of customer needs and will continue to develop digitized and miniaturized power supply solutions, so that Mean Well can grow with customers to meet the smartization and miniaturization trends of medical devices.

The complete range of Mean Well medical power supplies fully meets customer needs

The complete range of Mean Well medical power supplies fully meets customer needs

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