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With Apple onboard with six-face strengthened glass plate OGS, Fortrend seeing OGS TP and its facilities in high demand
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With Apple announcing that its new devices will utilize six-face strengthened glass OGS panels, market demand has warmed up for Fortrend OGS products. Chairman Wu of Fortrend has said that before the product phase for Touch Panel manufacturing, companies need to evaluate technologies around the world and they will find the semiconductor process of small glass touch panels has the cost effective, advanced quality and best price qualities.

Hence, the company has invested capital starting from the ground up on 2007, developed a unique technology, materials, facilities and related patents. It's been four years since the company has six-face strengthen in mass production, and the products have been implemented in automotive, aerospace, industrial and IT devices. Starting from two years ago, Fortrend authorized that the technology, material, facilities and patent could be used by partners for production, spreading around the world, including in Europe and Asia.

It is believed that the wisdom of Apple to use the six-face strengthen glass OGS touch panels is because both the cost and quality are superior to conventional TP; not to mention the In-cell or On-cell benefits. Six-face strengthen OGS uses the glass plate pre-cut, grounded and then chemical strengthening, prior to the capacitive sensor process; so there is no need to cut it into small pieces after the sensor engineering. The glass plate also maintains the strength from all six dimensions, much stronger than the large piece technology which works in three. Currently, most of the processor applications put touch sensors onto a large glass piece, and then cut into small pieces, which can damage the original glass structure. It then uses the Hydrofluoric acid to etch the broken glass edge as the secondary strengthen. Actually, it cannot add strength to glass, and will even have hydrofluoric fluid residue fluid in the crack, which can cause user injury.

Recently, visitors have come from around the world to Fortrend and inquire about the authorization of unique Fortrend OGS technology. Especially when Fortrend debuted its Liquid Diamond film technology several months ago, which has the antimicrobial function up to 99%, can absorb UV, blue-ray and electrical wave, and is self-cleaning. What has attracted many of the visitors from all over the world is that they are looking for the six-face strength as well as the liquid diamond technology, which has been identified as the main stream of touch panel. Fortrend has been exporting liquid diamond plated touch panels and authorized manufacturing sites in Korea, China and India will join the team within this year.

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