Tue, Oct 19, 2021
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Monday 18 October 2021
Combing AI, big data and CRM, Ai3 creates smart customer service solution
The technology development team of Chainsea Information Group independently established Ai3 in 2018. It combined AI, data analysis, CTI communication, CRM and other technologies to create the QbiAI Cloud, assisting various companies in implementing digital transformations for customer service and marketing.
Friday 15 October 2021
Aeon Motor takes first steps into the microcar market
Being the only motorcycle OE among over 1,800 members of MIH, the electric vehicle consortium built by Foxconn. Taiwan's Aeon Motor is looking to find more opportunities through MIH to enter the market of micro-motor vehicles – a category of vehicles below 350 kilograms between a regular four-wheeler and a regular two-wheeler.
Friday 15 October 2021
De Guang partners with SYSTEX to realize XR with SLAM technology
With the ability to immerse users and create convincing realities, extended reality (XR) has been wowing people since its introduction. Developments in recent years have not only matured the technology, but have also expanded its application from entertainment to commercial fields.
Friday 15 October 2021
Realizing precision medicine through pathogen genome sequencing
Those familiar with the medical industry have undoubtedly heard the term "precision medicine" with great frequency. As a matter of fact, the development of genome sequencing technology in recent years has advanced the treatment of infections from unknown pathogens into the realm of precision medicine. The concept behind precision pathogen detection is to identify the pathogen through bioinformatics and data science, and then using drugs or treatments that can accurately target the pathogen. Back in 2015, the Obama administration proposed to invest US$215 million to develop precision medicine in the US More recently, the UK and China have also followed suit, demonstrating that the technology has become the focus of medical R&D in most countries, and genomic sequencing is a key technology in the application of precision medicine. As a leading player in the global medical industry, Taiwan has also made considerable achievements in the field of genomic sequencing. In particular, Asia Pathogenomics' metagenomic next-generation sequencing (mNGS) can accurately identify the pathogens from different types of patient samples to help doctors administer targeted treatment in an incredibly short amount of time.
Thursday 14 October 2021
Top investment opportunities in Asia: Q&A with Christine Tsai CEO and founding partner at 500 Global
Having co-founded 500 Startups (later rebranded to 500 Global) in 2010, Christine Tsai (CT), CEO and founding partner of the company started out with a very different strategy from other venture capital firms in the Silicon Valley which were predominantly focused on the US market. She built a diversified portfolio in different industries and invests in founders across geographies and ethnic backgrounds and in emerging countries.
Thursday 14 October 2021
InSynerger becomes AI energy manger for corporations and parks
For both normal corporate buildings and factories, the types of energy needed are diverse, such as water, electricity, oil, and gas. The energy costs account for a high proportion of operating costs. Therefore, the strengthening of management benefits using complete mechanisms is necessary for the operations of energy systems in corporations and parks. As a result, smart energy management systems have been gradually introduced. However, these smart platforms are mostly aimed at the management of a single energy type and cannot respond to the effects of interactions between different energy types. InSynerger offers 24-hour energy and electromechanical equipment cloud AI management which can help companies establish a unified management platform. The management system can display data from different energy equipment in a visual interface to the manager through the integration of on-premise equipment and cloud systems, making management easier and more efficient.
Thursday 14 October 2021
FUTEX 2021 returns with physical exhibition and focus on space technology
To explore the vast unknown of outer space has always been a dream for humans everywhere. And we have never been as close to fulfilling that dream as when the Inspiration 4 rocket was launched on September 15, 2021, as a part of SpaceX's space tourism project. The mission marks the first time in history that an all-civilian crew has managed to reach orbit and serves as a hallmark for humanity's space exploration efforts. Another space exploration milestone was set just a few months back on April 20, 2021, when NASA's unmanned mars helicopter completed its virgin flight and subsequent landing on Mars.
Wednesday 13 October 2021
UnaBiz raises over US$25 million in Series B round
UnaBiz, a Singapore-based Internet of Things (IoT) service provider, has raised over US$25 million in its Series B funding round led by SPARX Group. The round was oversubscribed, with participation from CDIB, G K Goh and Thaioil, according to the UnaBiz.
Wednesday 13 October 2021
Taiwan Tech establishes university-level research center for smart EV technology
Ever since Tesla launched the world's first self-driving car, the automotive and startup industries have been rushing to the development of self-driving technology, marking yet another science fiction invention turned reality. According to research from the Boston Consulting Group, the global self-driving car market is expected to reach US$42 billion in 2025, and the market size is expected to further double by 2035.
Wednesday 13 October 2021
DoQubiz Fractal Encryption, a game-changing approach to cybersecurity
The recent surge of AI, 5G, and IoT technology has given rise to unprecedented levels of cyber threats that even target critical infrastructure and government. The severity of these threats has turned cybersecurity into a matter of national security for countries around the globe. To safeguard their digital assets, governments and enterprises have increasingly been investing in high IT security budgets year after year, which has led to the growth of the cybersecurity market. In fact, Gartner estimates that by 2023, the global cybersecurity market will reach US$168 billion.
Tuesday 12 October 2021
India roundup: Startups are new force behind India economic growth
Startups are the growing force of India's economy. One of India's unicorn startups launched Ola Cars online car-shopping platform, while electric vehicles (EV), especially two-wheelers, are seeing increasing sales in India.
Tuesday 12 October 2021
Net-zero carbon emission goal constrained by rare earth bottleneck
Geopolitical tension and the net-zero carbon emission policy deadlines of governments worldwide are driving up demands for rare earth metals. However, trying to secure local supplies only by investing huge capital to build domestic production in the US or the EU alone is mission impossible. To achieve their carbon neutrality plan, innovation for rare earth demand reduction is also needed.
Tuesday 12 October 2021
Utilizing power of data to enhance corporate efficiency, Taiwan Tech's team demonstrates value of data with precision
With the advent of the AI era, big data analysis has become the crucial technology for upgrades in various industries. However, physical equipment and online websites in both factory manufacturing lines and businesses, respectively, generate immense amount of data. Enterprises must strive to boost the operational efficiency by seeking ways to practically clean data to obtain the valuable information and to ensure strategies are made with more precision insight. Chao-Lung Yang from the Department of Industrial Management at National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (Taiwan Tech) and his team conducted in-depth research on big data analysis in different fields and scenarios and assisted enterprises across different industries to go through digital transformation with the aid of their research results.
Friday 8 October 2021
Taiwan Tech IDSL uses innovative R&D to improve security in age of IoT
As network infrastructures around the globe continue to mature, the declining cost of sensor components has given rise to a surge of Internet of Things (IoT) devices, which has itself become an important driving force for current global economic growth. According to research from the McKinsey Global Institute, the overall IoT market is estimated to reach US$4-11trillion by 2025. But behind the prospering business prospects lies the equally concerning problem of growing IT security threats. Currently, IoT devices have become a preferred target of hacker groups, who use them as a convenient relay to launch volumetric and distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks to demand ransoms or achieve specific political objectives, posing an unprecedented threat to businesses or countries.
Tuesday 5 October 2021
SE Asia startup Carousell becomes unicorn
Singapore's second-hand shopping site Carousell Group has raised US$100 million in the latest round of fundraising, led by South Korea-based private-equity firm STIC Investments.
Tuesday 5 October 2021
The path to innovation for startup teams in Taipei pursuing digital transformation
The 2021 Taipei Innovation Summit, organized by the Taipei Entrepreneurs Hub under the guidance of the Taipei City Government Department of Economic Development, took place from September 16-17, 2021. The summit was themed "Navigating Through Taipei's Digital Transformation" and invited startup companies to join the discussion on the two topics of financial technology and e-commerce logistics. The virtual webinar attracted 1,100 people over the summit's two-day duration.